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An Evolving Future Offers Great Hope for Metal Construction Community

Curtis Brad Small

While America faces a readjustment in political temperament and climate, we can look forward to some opportunities for the manufacturing sector and metal construction industry. As evidence, FMI Corp., Raleigh, N.C., a leading consulting firm for the construction industry, recently published its 2017 U.S. Markets Construction Overview, where it predicted an 8 percent growth in manufacturing construction this year. Its prediction is that this market segment will reach approximately $81.9 billion. The FMI analysis also suggests a steady and consistent industry growth over the next three years.

Another trend that could positively impact the manufacturing market is the movement toward on shoring, which brings back many of the jobs U.S. firms had been sending overseas. As this trend continues, the need for buildings to house the recovered manufacturing activities will create more plant projects.

What does this mean for the metal building industry? Plenty. Wide open interiors, quick construction, durable structures, low maintenance, energy efficiency and competitive pricing are the hallmarks that make metal building systems a superior option for manufacturing facility decision makers. Our industry should be taking advantage of the opportunities and be ready to respond when the need arises.


A Meeting of Minds

Another game-changing opportunity is the greater collaboration between associations that have like-minded goals. For example, The Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA) and the Metal Building Contractors & Erectors Association (MBCEA) will co-locate their meetings in New Orleans, May 18-20, 2017. Our two organizations are planning joint meeting events, speakers, award celebrations and a trade show and reception. In addition, any MBMA member's builder can join MBCEA now and receive a free conference registration ($495 savings). This is an excellent offer from MBCEA.

Now is a great time for MBMA and MBCEA to be meeting together, especially with the successful launch of the AC478 Accreditation Program. MBCEA's president, Mike Reynolds, hit the nail on the head when he said, "The MBCEA thinks this is a fantastic opportunity for our membership. The manufacturers, contractors and erectors all have similar goals: quality metal buildings that are manufactured, delivered and erected efficiently and to the highest quality standards. It makes sense for us to share our combined knowledge and network at this type of event. This level of cooperation can only make us all stronger."

The joint sessions begin with a golf tournament on May 18, followed by an opening session that will focus on the state of the industry. Then MBMA and MBCEA members will jointly participate in a trade show and reception, followed by dinner and each group's award presentations. On May 19, the two groups will spend most of the day focused on their organization's educational and information programs, followed by a joint reception.

The next morning, MBMA members are invited to participate in the MBCEA educational programs as well as an information session on the AC478 accreditation program, and then a special contractor/erector roundtable meeting.

The opportunities for gaining knowledge, building new perspective and reaching out to others in the industry make this joint conference an exceptional opportunity. If you miss this meeting you'll be missing out on a huge chance to break new ground. I am very excited to meet many of you in New Orleans for the first time, and looking forward to building relationships in the future. We'll see you all in New Orleans.



MBMA Spring Meeting + MBCEA Annual Conference

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Join Us in New Orleans May 18-20, 2017
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