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Caulk and Sealant Guide

By Mark Robins, Senior Editor, Posted 04/03/2017

The following charts highlight caulk and sealant attributes

(click on images to view larger size)


Metal Construction News wants to thank the sources that provided information that went into this feature:
Chris Bovee, Plant Manager, Sealex International Inc., Harbor Springs, Mich.

Jason Toth, Technical Customer Service Supervisor, DAP Products Inc., Baltimore

Kurt T. Zintner Jr., Technical Service Manager-Building Components/Waterproofing,
Bostik Inc., Wauwatosa, Wis.

Bee Miller, Manager of Market Development, Architectural Specifications, Franklin International-Titebond, Adhesives and Sealants, Columbus, Ohio

Mark Platz, Industrial Business Manager, ITW Polymers Sealants, North America, Irving, Texas

Miguel Pena, Sales Manager, GSSI Sealants Inc., Houston





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