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MCA Metal Roof Installation Training Certification at METALCON

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The Metal Construction Association (MCA) launched its new MCA Metal Roof Installation Training Certification Program in Baltimore this past October at METALCON. Fifty international participants from Mexico, Puerto Rico, South America and Canada along with roofers from the United States attended this inaugural program, learning key topics related to metal roof installation while earning MCA's Metal Roofing Certificates of Completion.

After its successful initial launch, top experts in the metal roofing industry are streamlining and updating this two-day, certification program based on MCA's Metal Roof Installation Manual to take place again this year at METALCON in Las Vegas from Oct. 18-20.

Additional plans for this year include more hands-on training as part of the certification program including: substrates, safety, sealants, flashings, panel types and connections, tools, fasteners, maintenance and more. Again, participants will have the opportunity to experience quality face time with industry experts, visit the METALCON exhibit hall throughout the duration of the show and access the full conference program. The objective is to couple the training program with hands-on training and the exhibit floor where participants can see live demonstrations of what they have just learned, and network with industry experts.

Dana White, of Southeastern Outdoor Products, Clinton, N.C., attended the program along with two of her colleagues. "Not only did we learn about metal roof installation, but we are now able to answer customers' questions and understand the applications of the metal roofing products we are selling," says White.

International participant Dario Estrada of ACESCO, Atlántico, Columbia, also attended the training. "The Metal Roof Installation Training was wellstructured and interesting, developed in a logical and coherent way, presenting all of the phases necessary for good installation," says Estrada. "METALCON was an important experience for my growth and professional development. Everything I learned will help me implement the best practices for installation and handling products in Colombia to guarantee the efficiency and life time of our company's products."

Steve Rulli, president of The Mad Roofer, Arden, N.C., and second generation roofer attended the program to obtain the certification and learn any new tricks of the trade. "I learned you could apply some metal roof panel types directly over a shingle roof by just using a synthetic underlayment over the shingles," says Rulli. "I also learned about the type of screw guns needed to regulate the depth of the screw installation."

Program presenter and vice president of sales with Allentown, Pa.-based ATAS International Inc., Jim Bush, says the program went extremely well and was well-received for its first round. "We plan to modify the content based on attendee feedback," says Bush. "The evolution will continue. This year we plan to introduce hands-on training as part of the course, including different elements of hand tools and a half dozen individual mock-ups on display that participants can take apart and put back together, i.e. ridge hip assembly systems, ridge hip valleys, gable assemblies, roof penetration, etc."

Scott Kriner, MCA's technical director and program presenter is looking forward to refining and improving the certification program for 2017. Kriner, president of Green Metal Consulting Inc., Macungie, Pa., explains how both participants and manufacturers benefit. "Many metal roof manufacturers have their own in-house training programs for installers and contractors to become familiar with specific profiled panels, trim, clips and ancillaries," says Kriner. "Now with this new Metal Roof Installation Training program, these manufacturers will have access to a pool of qualified individuals trained in key topics related to metal roof installation. Therefore, their installers and contractors will be prepared to hit the ground running with a basic knowledge gained through the certification program at METALCON. As a result, manufacturers will be able to create more efficient and tailored in-house training programs."

"For those outside the metal roofing industry, this certification program offers a great opportunity to learn about the industry and experience practical, hands-on training in the topics most roof installers are required to know," says Kriner.

Claire Kilcoyne, METALCON show director, is excited about the added value of the hands-on segment of the program planned for this year. "Our goal is to increase awareness of the benefits of metal roofing, while providing participants the opportunity to network and learn from top industry experts, experience hands-on training and the exhibit floor, where they can touch, see and feel what they've just learned," says Kilcoyne.

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