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Under Promise and Over Deliver

We live in culture of service that is driven by top-performing companies such as FedEx, Disney and Mercedes-Benz. These industry-standard companies have created an expectation among our customers that the quality of service should be exceptional and our ability to deliver unsurpassed. Those are hard models to live up...

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Here Be Dragons: The Metal Industry Crosses Boundary

Our industry and our country are in new territory. We are beyond the borders of our experience, especially for our current generations, and trying to figure out the right course to avoid danger and where to discover success. We have been under the yoke of a slow economy for...

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Content Marketing and Communication

We are in the middle of a communication revolution. New technologies are altering the way we interact with each other at a speed of change that is almost impossible to keep up with. Telephone conversations have become as quaint as writing letters. The millennial generation are ignoring email and...

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Metal Marketing 101: It's All about Relationships

I have been in my position as editorial director for Metal Construction News for nearly four months now. During that time, I've had the opportunity to meet a number of people in the industry and compare my experiences to those I've garnered in the last 20 years of construction...

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A Mission for Metal Construction

What is the mission for the members of the metal construction industry? Sell more products? Build more buildings? Yes, of course, both of those. But the mission is also greater than that. The mission for any business or industry is greater than that. If we focus only on revenue...

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State of the Steel Industry

On Monday afternoon executives from the American Iron and Steel Institute provided an update on the state of the steel industry. After Thomas Gibson, president and CEO of AISI, welcomed everyone, Dan DiMicco, AISI chairman and CEO of Nucor Corp., began with the latest industry data. DiMicco started off by...

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