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Continuous Improvement in the Metal Industry

I've been around construction companies for a long time-going on 30 years now-and the best ones continually improve, look for opportunities to become more efficient, serve their customers better, reduce costs of sales, install improved technologies, hire more engaged people. They improve in a thousand different ways. The key...

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Framing for Earthquakes

Earthquakes, unfortunately, have been top of mind recently. We saw the devastation that hit Japan last week and the subsequent fallout. In only the last year and a half, earthquakes hit Haiti, Chile, New Zealand and even Guy, Arkansas. What can we do to further protect ourselves? Ninety-two-year-old Bernard...

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Profit Time for Metal Contractors

After years of just trying to survive, the positive signs in the economy indicate it's time to move to profitability. Back in the mid-1980s, I spent a number of years doing historic restoration in Fredericksburg, Va. On one of our projects, we needed to add a standing-seam metal roof...

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New standard for workplace safety?

Working in the construction field, serious injuries are a real possibility, and workplace safety has to be of the utmost concern. The contractors, suppliers, manufacturers and steel producers we talk to tend to take the issue very seriously. That being the case, it may be worthwhile to know more...

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Manufacturing & Construction On The Rise

Construction and manufacturing are significant economic indicators to determine the health of our country, and recently a trade group reports that both of these important sectors continue to move in the right direction...a good sign for the metal construction industry: Manufacturers produced more goods and booked more orders last month...

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Are contractors putting cost before quality?

A recent research study from FMI, which provides consulting to the engineering and construction industry, brings up an interesting question for contractors. Just how low are you willing to bid to earn a project? The study suggests that since the recession owners have been under more and more pressure...

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