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METALCON Education Program Highlights Busy Areas for Metal

Posted 07/27/2012

The 2012 METALCON International takes place October 9-11, 2012 at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, Rosemont, IL.  It remains the only annual trade show and conference focused on the applications of metal in industrial, institutional, light commercial and residential building projects.

The new METALCON education format offers more indepth learning opportunities in the classroom and on the exhibit floor. It provides up to 30 hours of education, moving from a traditional 1.5-hour multi-track program to longer 3-hour sessions tailored to specific disciplines.


While new commercial construction remains relatively low, retrofit is gaining momentum. In 2010 major retrofit and renovation comprised 64% of all construction - up from 60% in 2009.

Scott Kriner, LEED AP, president of Green Metal Consulting Inc., Macungie, PA and technical director for the MCA, explains why the outlook for retrofit remains strong. "Retrofit activity is improving due to better incentives, increased emphasis on energy efficiency, and a better understanding of the total environmental effect of new construction. Reusing an old building always has less of an impact on the environment than tearing it down, and manufacturing and installing new building materials. Retrofitting can bring a building up to new energy codes and introduce newer building envelope technologies such as cool roofing, above sheathing ventilation, radiant barriers, and phase change materials that can enhance the performance and extend the useful life of a building. All these points we'll cover in our presentations at METALCON. With energy costs and conservation at the forefront of building design, architects and building owners will find the programs on retrofit at METALCON quite valuable."

Sessions on retrofit will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday, October 9 and 10. Tuesday's program titled, "Tired of Your Roof From Hell?" is designed to meet the needs of building owners, facility managers and developers. The session is presented by Scott Kriner and Chuck Howard, PE, President, Metal Roof Consultants, Inc., Cary, NC. On Wednesday, Chuck Howard presents a special program "Metal Roof Retrofit: Use the KISS Method" for commercial roofing contractors.

Insulated Metal Panels

Steven R. Webster, president of Dutton & Garfield, Inc, a metal building design/build contractor in Hampstead, NH, says the use of IMP's in commercial or industrial buildings is growing across the country. "They are a modern, durable product and accepted by a growing number of designers in the architectural community. The IMP has very consistent thermal qualities, great appearance, and accelerated installation due to it being a single component. There's no question that the thermal properties of the IMPs will meet the increasing requirements of today's codes." Webster is also current president of the Metal Building Institute, and current past president of Metal Building Contractors and Erectors Association.

The comprehensive session about IMPs on Wednesday, October 10, is designed to meet the needs of architects, contractors and building owners. It will be presented by Webster and Ken Buchinger, Vice President of Business Development and Research & Development for MBCI, Houston, TX. Titled "Capture Your Part of the Growing Insulated Metal Panel Market with the Right Applications, Products and Techniques," the session is sponsored by the Metal Building Institute.

Cold-formed Steel Framing

Cold-formed steel framing is also playing an increasing role in the construction marketplace, from the smallest of structures to multifamily and mid-rise projects. Since 1994 METALCON has had many programs about steel framing, one of which eventually became Stud U. This year the topic is covered in a new program called "Stud U for the Masses." Custom designed for architects, builders and contractors, engineers, building inspectors and building trade instructors, it features classroom and hands-on learning. Modeled after the very successful two-and-a-half-day Stud University that was responsible for the construction of several main-attraction structures built at METALCON International in previous years, the new format makes the topic more accessible to a wider scope of design and construction professionals.

The new, two-part program provides an easy-to-understand, yet comprehensive explanation of framing with cold-formed steel. The sessions are sponsored by the Steel Framing Alliance, Premium Steel Building Systems, and FrameCad Solutions, and will be taught by the steel industry experts who spearheaded Stud U. This includes: Maribeth Rizzuto, LEED AP, director of Education and Sustainable Construction for the Steel Framing Alliance and Managing Director of the Cold-formed Steel Engineers Institute, Washington, DC; Danny Feazell, President of Premium Steel Building Systems, Roanoke, VA and the former president of the Mid-Atlantic Steel Framing Alliance; and Nader Elhajj, Director of Middle East and Africa for FrameCad Solutions, Upper Marlboro, MD.

Offered on Tuesday, October 9, Part I of "Stud U for the Masses" covers the basics, such as material types, thicknesses and capabilities, and describes various construction scenarios from foundations through trusses. It also provides resources for cold-formed steel and identifies those most helpful in conquering any misgivings about this engineered building material.

Part II builds on the expertise learned in Part I and exposes participants to some of the most frequently overlooked items during designing, specifying and installing cold-formed steel framing. Through a combination of graphics and a structure constructed in the METALCON Exhibit Hall, participants experience firsthand the latest design and construction techniques and have an opportunity to use some of the latest tools by constructing a mini cold-formed steel framed project.

METALCON's education sessions run from 8:30 to 11:45 a.m., with a 15-minute break, on Tuesday and Wednesday, October 9 and 10. Topics are designed to meet the needs of Residential Roofing Contractors; Commercial Roofing Contractors; Design Professionals; Architects and Engineers; Owners/Facility Managers and Metal Product Manufacturers.

METALCON features nearly 800 booths filled with the latest building products and services for those who design and build with metal - or want to learn all about metal.  It also highlights sustainable products and ideas with: Green Island, an exhibit area featuring metal-related products that meet green building standards; and Solar Bay, a special pavilion in the show featuring educational forums; and Solar Bay Live. In Solar Bay Live world-renowned experts use full-scale mock-ups of a variety of solar technologies on metal roofs and walls to present live-action demos that offer tips and trade secrets about metal and solar technology.

METALCON draws designers, builders, developers, contractors, fabricators, and suppliers from more than 52 countries. Experts from 300 companies exhibit the latest products and technology and share their knowledge with attendees, while industry specialists present key topics in the education program. Industry experts from the Metal Construction Association also present the latest applications and field techniques in daily demonstrations in the exhibit hall.

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