2023 Top Metal Builders

This year, the list of top metal builders shows a growing industry with the largest contractors and erectors reporting significant growth in the average tonnage and square footage of the metal buildings they constructed between 2021 and 2022.

The return to growth

By Paul Deffenbaugh

2023 Tmb Map

For the second year, we’ve broken out the list of 20 top erectors from the list of 100 top contractors. The most important reason is so that we don’t end up counting work on the same building twice, once for the contractor furnishing the metal building system and again for the erector putting up the steel.

That does cause complications, though, because some companies furnish and erect, but also are contracted to only erect a building, making them both contractors and erectors. Rather than separate those numbers out in the same entity, we identify those companies as contractors.

The two lists make it difficult to compare trends such as changes in market share or building size over the years. To alleviate that, we identified the 100 largest companies, regardless of definition, and show how their averages compare to previous years.

The Biggest Challenge

Labor shortage, labor shortage, labor shortage. Say it often enough and maybe someday it won’t be the issue that vexes the construction industry and especially the metal building system side. Every year since 2011 when we began asking metal builders what their biggest challenge was, the lack of skilled labor has led the pack.

This year, the problem is back with a vengeance as 42% of top metal builders said it was the biggest challenge they faced in 2022.

If you take labor shortage, rising material and labor costs, and lengthening lead time together, they represent about 75% of the challenges reported this year. That’s not a whole lot different from the challenges top metal builders said they faced in 2021, but then the lead times issues was buried within overall scheduling problems caused by witches brew of materials shortages, supply chain disruption and worker shortages.

One big note of change from 2021 to 2022 is the supply issue disruption. Last year, 21.3% of top metal builders reported having to deal with supply chain issues, but this year it was down to 8.5%. Perhaps the clogs that have been created by COVID-19 have been unstopped and the supply chain is beginning to operate normally.

One new problem child has reared its head: inflation and interest rates. We broke inflation out from increased material and labor costs because the mentions were broader than those two items and were combined with the rising interest rates. Top metal builders report delays in funding for projects or cancelled projects because of the increased costs of borrowing money.

Weather delays and permitting problems always hit the list of challenges top metal builders face, but there was a slight increase in reporting on both those issues this year.

The biggest challenges Top Metal Builders faced in 2021

The biggest challenges Top Metal Builders faced in 2022


The average tonnage and square footage of metal building contractors and erectors increased significantly in 2022 compared to 2021. For the 100 largest contractors, the tonnage increased 8.1%, while the square footage jumped up 15.6%.

The 20 largest metal building erectors saw an even greater increase in both tonnage (29.9%) and square footage (24.3%). Those numbers indicate a healthy industry on the rebound from a couple of tough years.

When we took only the 100 largest builders, regardless if they were contractors or erectors, we saw similar significant increases. The average tonnage increased 20.9% and square footage was 22.4% higher.

Contractors List

Average Tonnage 2021: 1,724.0 tons
Average Tonnage 2022: 1,876.5 tons
Percent Increase: 8.1%
Average Square Footage 2021: 394,705 square feet
Average Square Footage 2022: 467,449 square feet
Percent Increase: 12.5%

Erectors List

Average Tonnage 2021: 3.340.0 tons
Average Tonnage 2022: 4,7636.2 tons
Percent Increase: 29.9%
Average Square Footage 2021: 1.026,890, square feet
Average Square Footage 2022: 1,355,808 square feet
Percent Increase: 24.3%

Top 100 of Contractors and Erectors Combined

Average Tonnage 2021: 2,176.2 tons
Average Tonnage 2022: 2,751.8 tons
Percent Increase: 20.9%
Average Square Footage 2021: 559,529 square feet
Average Square Footage 2022: 721,297 square feet
Percent Increase: 22.4%

Average Size

Tmb Contractor Tonnage By Year May23

Tmb Contractor Sq Footage By Year May23

During the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a sharp decrease in the tonnage and square footage installed by metal building contractors. In 2018, the industry reached a peak over the last decade before the drop off. But this year, both tonnage and square footage increased significantly compared to last year.

Tmb Combined Tonnage By Year May23

Tmb Combined Sq Footage By Year May23

When looking at the tonnage and square footage of the combined lists of contractors and erectors, you see significant increases in the last couple of years. Most of that increase can be attributed to creating a separate erector list, since those contractors tend to take on larger projects. But even so, the jump in size over the last two years is notable.

Market Share

One of the most interesting results of tracking the largest metal building contractors and erectors is to see if there is consolidation within the industry. To that end, we combined the lists to identify the 100 largest companies, regardless of type of business. Then we compared the 10 largest contractors and erectors to the next 80 to see if they are gaining more market share. This year, that percentage (60.8%) was essentially flat compared to last year (59.3%). But over the last dozen years, the red trendline on the chart shows how market share has increased slightly.

Because we changed our methodology last year and started creating separate lists for contractors and erectors, we pulled out just the contractors to be able to compare to previous years. After a dip last year to 56.1% market share for the top 10, which was probably a result of removing erectors from the combined list, we saw a slight increase this year to 57.9%. But, since 2011 when we began measuring this, we still haven’t seen much increase in market share of the 10 largest contractors.

Tmb Contractor Market Share May23

Tmb Combined Market Share May23

Contractor List

* Metal Building Contractors & Erectors Association (MBCEA)

** AC478 Accredited

A&T Builders LLC—Sq. Footage
Higden, Ark.
Amanda Rodgers

A.B. Systems Inc.—Both *
Rochester, Minn.
Peter Schuller
Design builder, metal buildings, roofing, retrofit and new construction

A.C.E. Building Service Inc.—Both
Manitowoc, Wis.
Chris Herzog, Stuart Johnson, Max Maigatter, Carolyn Hoffmann
Design-build general contractor specializing in new construction, expansions, renovations, metal buildings and metal re-roof

Altmann Construction—Both
Wisconsin Rapids, Wis.
Tom Altmann
General contractor

Architectural Building Systems—Both*
Bob Porter
Furnish, manage and erect metal buildings

Arizona Corporate Builders LLC—Both*
Tempe, Ariz.
Stravinski Companies, Dave Manarin, Greg St. Clair
New construction, metal buildings

Ayars & Ayars Inc.—Both
Lincoln, Neb.
MIke Ayars
Design-build, architecture and construction

BARNES buildings & management group inc.—Both *
Weymouth, Mass.
Marty Barnes
Supply and install metal buildings, metal siding and roofing, structural and miscellaneous iron fabrication

Baumer Construction Inc.—Both
Minster, Ohio
Ben Baumer, Kurt Baumer, Matt Quinter
Design-build of all types of construction, including metal buildings

Bighorn Steel Buildings Inc.—Both
Pueblo, Colo.
Joseph Corsentino, Daniel Corsentino
Metal building design and sales, construction services, metal roofing and siding

Bobbitt Construction—Both *
Raleigh, N.C.
100% Employee-owned
Integrated design-build, general contracting, CMAR, renovations and fit-ups, services and maintenance

Brett Construction Co.—Both
Lexington, Ky.
Brett T. Setzer, Banks Hudson, Seth Smith
Design-build contractor

Brevard Constructors Inc.—Both
Titusville, Fla.
Marty Gordon, Rusty Gordon, Tim Gordon
General contracting and supply and install of metal building systems

Briner Building Inc.—Both *
Bluffton, Ind.
Bryan Harshbarger, Chris Elser, Dave Dunwiddie, Mike Swinford
Design-build general contractor, furnish/erect, erection services, re-roof

Building Innovation Group Inc.—Both
East Rochester, N.Y.
Stephen Holmes
General contractor

Buildings By Design—Both *
Brush, Colo.
Travis Lefever, Pat Walter, Merle Grauer
General contractor with an MBS division

C. A. Taylor LLC—Sq. Footage
Thorntown, Ind.
Clinton Taylor
We design and develop projects throughout the industry using MBS

C. Tucker Cope and Associates
Columbiana, Ohio
Tucker Cope, PE, M.Eng
Design-build general contractor offering professional engineering and construction services for commercial and industrial projects.

C.I. Construction LLC—Both
Alexandria, Minn.
Robert Thompson, Ted Thompson

Campbell Construction Inc.—Both*
Wooster, Ohio
John A. Campbell
Design-build general contractor/construction manager specializing in commercial and industrial construction

Cardinal Construction Co. Inc.—Tonnage
Fond du Lac, Wis.
Paul Duesterbeck, Mike Duesterbeck
General contractor

CHG Building Systems Inc.—Both*
Renton, Wash.
Ryan Grouws, Steven Grouws
Furnish and erect metal building systems, structural steel and architectural sheet metal

Christensen Construction & Design Co. Inc.
Estherville, Iowa
Steven P Christensen
Metal buildings, metal roofing, new construction and remodel

Cincinnati Commercial Contracting—Both
John Westheimer, Jason Manni, Justin Platt
New construction, metal buildings, metal-over-metal re-roof

Clear Span Structures LLC—Both
Riviera Beach, Fla.
Harry Darling
Full-service GC specializing in MBS, roofing and retrofit

Coastal Steel Structures—Both
Boca Raton, Fla.
Chris Glykas, Jacob Lang, Michael Cejas
Metal buildings, new construction

Construction Management Inc.—Both
Winchester, Va.
Jason Garlock
Metal buildings, retrofits, renovations, new construction

Deming Enterprise—Both
Perry, Ohio
Barry Deming
Design-build general contractor and construction management specializing in commercial and industrial construction, for new buildings, remodels and renovations

Design Builders & Contractors—Both
Elk Mound, Wis.
Doug Awe, Lucas Weissinger
General contractor commercial metal building systems

Dublin Building Systems—Both*
Dublin, Ohio
Rich Irelan, Bob Howe, Tom Irelan
Design-build general contractor

Dunlap & Co.—Both
Columbus, Ind.
Brian King, Tom Dowd
Complete design-build for metal building systems, new construction, reroofs, retrofit, expansion, repair

Dunn Building Co. LLC—Both**
Birmingham, Ala.
Dunn Investment Co.
General contractors and specialty subcontractor in metal building systems, metal roofing, metal siding and concrete

Durand Builders—Both
Durand, Wis.
Larry Hagness, Kyle Hagness, Cole Hagness
Design-build general contractor with focus on new MBS construction

Epic Construction—Both
Kieler, Wis.
Brad Bierman, Chad Walsh
General contractor, metal building supplier and erector, steel erector

EPOC Construction Inc.—Both
Newport News, Va.
Ken Bingman
General contractor and furnish and erect metal building system

EPOC Construction Inc.—Both
Newport News, Va.
Ken Bingman
General contractor and furnish and erect metal building systems

Fabri Steel West Inc.—Both*
Sacramento, Calif.
John Arizcuren
Metal buildings

Freeman Building Systems—Tonnage*
Wooster, Ohio
Dan Freeman
Design-build construction services for the industrial, commercial, warehousing, aviation and athletic markets

G&W Builders—Both
Brea, Calif.
Mike Greer, Willy Woelk, Bill Greer
Metal building systems and erection

Galbraith/Pre-Design Inc.—Both*
Carlisle, Pa.
Allan Galbraith, Mark Galbraith
Design-build or bid/spec

Gorski Engineering Inc.—Both
Collegeville, Pa.
Jerry Gorski, P.E.
Design-build construction for new construction and adaptive reuse for municipal, commercial, industrial and institutional users

Greystone Construction Co.—Both
Shakopee, Minn.
Kevin O’Brien, Gordie Schmitz, Eric Bender, Brian Kreuser and Colin O’Brien
General contractor serving the commercial, industrial and agribusiness industries

Guardian Construction—Both
Murrysville, Pa.
Anthony Bucciero, Dennis O’Hara
Commercial general contractor specializing in metal buildings, metal roofing, retrofit and new construction

Harrell Construction Co. Inc.—Both*
Jacksonville, Fla.
Glenis Harrell
Furnish and erect metal building systems throughout the southeastern United States, specializing in design-build

Hoover Building Specialists LLC—Both
Honey Brook, Pa.
Richard Hoover, Doug Hoover, Dustin Fox
General contractor performing design-build, new construction and renovations of commercial buildings

Image Building Systems—Both**
Ryan Klosterman
Design-build metal buildings, turn-key design, supply and erect

Industrial Building Systems—Both
Milford, Conn.
William M. Lewis
Supply and erect metal buildings

Ivan Weaver Construction—Both
Fredericksburg, Ohio
Mark Weaver
General contractor, metal buildings

J&F Construction & Development Inc.—Both*
Bucyrus, Ohio
Brock Mayes, Steve Bridgford
General contractor, design-build, build-lease, construction management, steel erection, sitework, concrete, carpentry, reroof

J. Shoffner General Contractor Inc.—Tonnage*
La Porte, Ind.
James Shoffner
Metal buildings, new construction, additions to existing buildings, concrete and laser foundation, structural maintenance: roofs, walls, floors and demolition

J.B. Steel LLC—Both*
Medford, Ore.
Andy Batzer, Bill Batzer, Russ Batzer
Metal building supplier and installation

James Ware Construction Inc.
Sturgis, Mich.
James Ware, Kathryn Ware
Metal buildings, new construction, remodel

JBS Contracting Inc.—Both
Mount Pleasant, Mich.
John Stadtfeld, Becky Connors, Joseph Claybaugh, Lee Roethlisberger
Construction management, general contractor, metal buildings, new construction, remodels

Jensen Builders Ltd.—Both
Fort Dodge, Iowa
Dale Jensen
Design-build general contractor that specializes in self-performing concrete, carpentry and metal building erection

Jones Contracting Inc.—Both
Albertville, Ala.
Russ Jones
New metal building construction

Keller Inc.—Both
Kaukauna, Wis.
Employee Owned
Design-build general contractor

Keystone Steel Structures LLC—Both*
Honey Brook, Pa.
Elam King, Samuel King, Craig Ebersole
New construction metal building systems

Lefever Building Systems—Both*
Rick Taylor
MBS erection, metal buildings, metal roofing, retrofit, new construction. Specialization in design-build construction

Lichtefeld Inc.—Both
Louisville, Ky.
Paul Lichtefeld Sr., Paul Lichtefeld Jr., Stanley Lichtefeld, Mark Lichtefeld
Design-build commercial and industrial contractors, new construction, renovations, re-roofs

Lock Steel Building Co. Inc.—Both*
Carrollton, Mo.
Matt Lock
Metal building contractor, materials and accessories

M & F Litteken Co.—Both*
Wichita Falls, Texas
Kevin Darnell, Jean Darnell, Shane Darnell
General contractor, design-build contractor utilizing metal building systems

MAR Building Solutions—Both*
Lee’s Summit, Mo.
Chad Anderson, Kurt Krasick
Furnish metal buildings and materials, provide in-house erection services for new construction as well as retrofit and reroof projects

Metal Building Specialists LLC—Both
Rocky Mount, N.C.
Jerry Mott, Karen Mott
Furnish and install metal building systems in the Carolinas

Mid-States Construction Inc.—Both
Elkhart, Ind.
Donald Shaum Jr.
Full service, design-build general contractor

Milla Construction—Both
Minerva, Ohio
Titus Miller

Miller Buildings Inc.—Sq. Footage*
Flourtown, Pa.
Louis Gilmore, Lou Gilmore, Paul Frantz
Metal buildings: commercial, industrial, self storage, educational storage units, manufactured home park storage units

MMBS Inc.—Both
Hudsonville, Mich.
Tom Miedema
General contractor specializing in metal building systems

MMS Northeast Inc.—Both*
Hampton Falls, N.H.
Stephen Moore
Metal building supply and erection

MWC Group Inc.—Both
Adelanto, Calif.
Robert Masseth, Ryan Turner
Metal buildings, metal roofing, design-build

North Valley Building Systems Inc.—Tonnage
Chico, Calif.
Andrew J. Wood
Metal buildings, metal roofing, new construction, concrete work, design-build

Northwest Builders Inc.—Both
Rice Lake, Wis.
Darrel Olson, Erik Chilson, Chris Mlejnek
Steel buildings, reroof, structural steel, concrete, carpentry, design, general contractor

NuAge Builders—Both*
Sioux Falls, S.D.
Bryant Larson, Zach Porter
General contractor, metal building contractor

Ohio Dutch Construction—Both
Millersburg, Ohio
Robert Miller Sr.
General contracting services specializing in metal building systems for commercial, agricultural, retail, warehouse, office, recreational and institutional functions

Pat Munger Construction Co. Inc.—Both*
Branford, Conn.
David DeMaio
Full-service commercial general contractor who specializes in metal building construction and retrofit

PATCO Construction Inc.—Both
Sanford, Maine
Greg Patterson, Mark Patterson
MBS general contractor

Patterson Horth Inc.—Both*
Michael Patterson, Tim Horth, Jason Jeffries
New construction through renovation of MBS

PHI Construction Inc.—Both
Portland, Ore.
Kelly LaFollette, Donna LaFollette, Matt LaFollette
General contractor

Pioneer Construction Inc.—Both*
Grand Rapids, Mich.
Tim Schowalter
General contractor, metal buildings entirely, precast, conventional steel, general trades

Rainwater Construction Co.—Both*
Steven Hudgins, Maryna Hudgins, Justin Willett, John Gilbertson, Tom O’Brien, Rob Stephens, Matt Klimisch
Full-service, design-build general contractor specializing in metal building systems and metal roofing/retrofit.

Redhawk Metal Buildings LLC—Both*
Richfield, Wis.
Jeff Gunderson, Richard Knabe
Furnish and erect contractor of metal building systems

Reed Construction & Metal Structures—Sq. Footage
Sevierville, Tenn.
Kent Reed, Houston Hodges
Metal buildings, concrete foundations, new construction

Rhoads & Johnson—Tonnage
Fenton, Mich.
Kevin Johnson
Design-build commercial and industrial construction

Riedel-Wilks Building Structures Inc.—Both*
Huntington, W.Va.
Scott Riedell, Jeff Handloser
Design-builder general contractor specializing in applications for building and roofing projects. Industrial supplier of metal buildings.

Ross Construction Group—Both*
Springfield, Mo.
Andy Ross, David Ross
Commercial construction and general contracting

Rudolph Libbe Inc.—Sq. Footage
Walbridge, Ohio
General contractor, metal building, metal roofing, retrofit

Scenic Ridge Co.—Both
Lancaster, Pa.
Jay Elam King
Metal buildings, renovations, turn-key construction services

Issaquah, Wash.
Rob Power, Rob Howie, Steven Caniglia, Ben Blegen, Kyle Miller
General contractor, construction manager, design-build project development, supplier of structural, metal building systems

Septagon Construction Co.—Tonnage*
Sedalia, Mo.
General contractors, design-build, re-roof and const. Management in non-residential markets, specializing in metal building systems

Span Construction & Engineering Inc.—Both*
Madera, Calif.
Employee Owned
Supply and erection of steel buildings, design-build general contracting

Spyker Contracting Inc.—Both
Defiance, Ohio
Robert Spyker
Turn-key commercial and industrial general contractor

Steel Building Specialists Inc.—Both*
Gary Cearfoss
Metal buildings

Steel Vision Construction Inc.—Both
Rigby, Idaho
Michael L. Bressler
Design build metal building systems

SteelCan Building Systems—Both
Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
Marc Versage
Industrial metal building furnish and erect contractor

Svenska Builders Ltd.—Both*
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Alexander Carey
Metal building construction, metal roofing, metal cladding

Systems West Construction—Tonnage
Yakima, Wash.
Dave Randall, Sam Myers
Metal building, metal roofing, retrofit, commercial and industrial construction, turn-key construction, cold storage

Systems West Inc.—Both
Litchfield, Minn.
Eric Doering, Mike Doering
MBS for commercial, industrial and agricultural projects. Design-build new construction, remodel, re-roof

Tamora Building Systems Inc.—Both*
West Chester, Pa.
Anthony Diver
Metal buildings, metal roofing, retrofit, new construction, commercial development

Tarheel Building Systems of New Bern Inc.
—Sq. Footage
New Bern, N.C.
Parick Allen, Brent Gaskins
Unlimited licensed general contractor specializing in commercial and industrial project

Total Building Solutions LLC
—Sq. Footage*
Bourbon, Mo.
Sean Blum
Commercial/industrial constructor, providing general contracting and design-build service and specializing in metal building systems, steel erection, concrete foundations and flatwork

Valor Contracting LLC—Both
West Fargo, N.D.
Michael Gullickson
Metal buildings, tilt-up concrete, new construction, general contractor

Veneklasen Construction
Grand Rapids, Mich.
Chris Veneklasen
General contractor, metal building provider and erector. We provide services for building additions, new construction and renovations

Wagner Construction Co. LLC—Both
Leesburg, Fla.
Brennan Smith
General contractor, commercial construction

Walker Design & Construction—Both*
West Palm Beach, Fla.
Patrick Graham
Metal buildings, metal roofing, retrofit, new construction

Weisheit Construction Co. Inc.—Both
Stamford, Neb.
John Weisheit, Judy Weisheit, Joe Weisheit
New project sales and erection. Re-sheeting existing buildings

Whitener & Jackson Inc.—Tonnage
Manassas, Va.
Edward Jackson
General contractor with metal building franchise

Wilshar Steel—Both
Rogers, Ark.
Billy Witcofski, Hayden Witcofski, Carter McLeod
Metal buildings, self storage, design-build, steel erection, fabrication

Wright Construction Western Inc.—Both
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Lorne Wright
General contracting, metal buildings, construction management, retrofit, metal roofing

Erector List

* Metal Building Contractors & Erectors Association (MBCEA)

** AC478 Accredited

A-Lert Building Systems, a division of Centurion Industries Inc.—Erector Footage *
New Braunfels, Texas
Kenny Tharp, Loren Troyer, Brad Parish
ABS designs, manufactures and installs all types of self-storage buildings including multistory, boat and RV, and more

Bahnmiller Construction Inc.—Both *
Everett, Wash.
Kevin Bahnmiller, Jealynn Bahnmiller
Supply and erect metal building systems

Bob Breeding General Contractors LLC—Both**
Denton, Md.
Chris Breeding
Metal building supplier and erector, commercial general contracting

Chestnut Oak Construction LLC—Tonnage
Heath, Ohio
Justin Snyder
We erect metal buildings

Crossland Construction Co. Inc.—Both**
Columbus, Kan.
Bennie Crossland, Ivan Crossland, Mike Crossland, Curt Crossland and Patrick Crossland
Commercial and industrial contractor

DD Construction—Tonnage**
Lakewood, Colo.
Justin Beall
Metal building supply and erection

Design Systems Builders LLC—Both*
Nashville, Tenn.
Employee Owned
Furnish and erect metal building systems

Fleming Steel Erectors—Both*
Tulsa, Okla.
Justin Willett, John Gilbertson, Tom O’Brien, Matt Klimisch
Metal buildings furnish and erect, metal roofing, roof repair, general construction

Foundation Steel LLC—Both*
Swanton, Ohio
Charlotte Dymarkowski
Metal buildings, metal roofing, retrofit, steel erection

G&D Erectors Inc.—Sq. Footage*
Avella, Pa.
Jeff Gordon
Metal buildings, compressor buildings, metal roofing, metal sheeting, retrofit, disaster restoration

Hammers Construction Inc.—Tonnage
Perham, Minn.
Joe Hammers
New construction

J&M Steel Solutions Inc.—Both*
Lehi, Utah
Craig Madsen, Cody Davidson, Marvin Goekeritz
MBS sales and erection, new construction

Maine Metal Buildings Inc.—Tonnage*
Gorham, Maine
Tom Morton
Metal building sales, service repairs, additions, energy upgrades, installation and consulting

Maverick Steel Inc.—Sq. Footage*
Byers, Colo.
Tammi Williams, Ron Williams
MBS erection

Mericle Construction Inc.—Both
Wilkes-Barre, Pa.
Robert K. Mericle
Developer of speculative and build-to-suit industrial, office, flex and medical space.

Pairieland Construction LLC—Sq. Footage*
Arthur, Ill.
Dwayne Jess, Nelson Jess, David Jess
Metal building erectors

Precision Erecting Co. Inc.—Both*
Russell Springs, Ky.
Stephen P. Branscum, Josh Branscum
Metal building systems erection and structural steel erector

Revere Steel LLC—Both
Butler, Pa.
Matthew Bailey, Edwin Eyles, Joseph Utz
Metal buildings and metal building erection

RMG Erectors & Constructors LLC—Sq. Footage*
Missoula, Mont.
Sharon Mesmer, Robert Mesmer
General contractor offering retail, commercial, industrial, sport complexes, railroad, oil and pipeline, health care, big box and more

Steelsmith Inc.—Both*
Donald Gilmore
Metal building systems sales and construction

SteelWorx Solutions LLC—Both**
Groveland, Fla.
DJ van Rooyen, Marc Versage
Nationwide metal building erector

Stewart Richey—Both*
Bowling Green, Ky.
Employee Owned
Metal building systems, metal roofing, metal building

Sure Steel Inc.—Both*
South Weber, Utah
Jim Burwell, Mark Carter
Supply and installation of structural steel, metal buildings and insulated metal panels

Thomas Phoenix International—Sq. Footage**
Eastampton, N.J.
Sean T. Smith, Eric T. Kay
Metal building systems erectors of all brands, reroofing metal buildings, maintenance on all metal buildings

US Metal Builders Inc.—Both*
Pleasant Hill, Iowa
Brandon Jensen, Brad Churchill, Craig Breitbach
Metal building erector and supplier, retrofit, new construction

Zartman Construction Inc.—Tonnage*
Northumberland, Pa.
Dave Zartman
General contractor