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Manufacturing facility and corporate headquarters incorporates company's own façade system

New Hudson Facades, 2016 Metal Construction News Building and Roofing Awards, Granum AI

New Hudson Façades, a division of Related Companies, Linwood, Pa., provides comprehensive design, engineering, manufacturing and installation of custom façade cladding systems. When designing its new manufacturing and office building, the company's design and technical team worked closely with designers at Radnor, Pa.-based Granum A/I. The project received the award for Metal Buildings-New Construction in the 2016 Metal Construction News Building and Roofing Awards.

Patrick McGranaghan, AIA, LEED AP, design principal at Granum A/I, says the challenge was to produce an overall design that married together the high-bay manufacturing structure with a highly customized two-story modern office program. "New Hudson Facades could not be represented by a generic, anonymous factory building," he explains. "Their headquarters building design additionally would incorporate the company's own products to serve as a demonstration of the company's sophistication and its design, engineering fabrication and installation capabilities."


New Hudson Facades, 2016 Metal Construction Building and Roofing AwardsBuilding Organization

Located on a tight 13.5-acre lot, the new 180,000-square-foot headquarters is organized into two parts: a 32,000-square-foot, two-story reception and office and a 137,500-square-foot high-bay manufacturing building with an 8,150-square-foot indoor loading area. The lower level of the office building includes a client reception area, meeting rooms, testing lab, café and locker rooms, while the second-story features collaborative and flexible workspace overlooking the manufacturing operation.

According to McGranaghan, the office portion of the building and its connection to the manufacturing zone was one of the more challenging aspects of the project. "One specific challenge concerned how best to provide proper separation between these two disparate functions," he explains. "Special detailing of the demising wall using multiple layers of gypsum wall board and resilient channels were effective in addressing acoustic needs. The large windows at the second floor level of the office zone overlooking the manufacturing area were constructed with laminated glass and protected with sprinkler coverage to maintain the required use group fire separation."

In the minimally detailed office areas, the building structure and ductwork have been left exposed. This area also features limited suspended ceilings, which was needed for acoustical performance. McGranaghan says this design direction created a need to tightly organize and control the installation of ductwork, plumbing lines and cabling, which would otherwise more typically be concealed from view. Additionally, he explains that by leaving the structural steel frame exposed in the office, they were able to visually relate and unify the office and factory sections.


New Hudson Facades, 2016 Metal Construction Building and Roofing AwardsCurtainwall Designs

The main entrance is located near a fold in the tall-glazed façade and marked with a brightly colored metal canopy. According to McGranaghan, the entry façade incorporates a high-performance curtainwall system with oversized, 8-foot-high, glazed venting units that push out horizontally, admitting fresh air to the open office areas. New Hudson Façades supplied the curtainwall system, which uses components from Schüco USA LLLP, Newington, Conn. "The entry façade's angled curtainwall system and an irregular column layout related to the interior planning presented some challenges in the two-story structural steel frame design," McGranaghan adds.

Production takes place in an expansive, high-bay, wide-span steel building from Butler Manufacturing, Kansas City, Mo. The Butler building was selected for its long-span capabilities as well as for speed of delivery and erection, McGranaghan notes. State-of-the-art highly automated systems are used for inventory tracking, storage and retrieval, machining and assembly.

One hundred and sixty two, 2-foot by 10-foot Sun-Lite Strips from Butler provide ample natural light and are supplemented with high-performance LED fixtures. Additionally, McGranaghan says the marriage between the pre-manufactured Butler building system with conventional framing bridged the gap between lower cost construction and the highly valued glass façade and modern interior office planning.

"This was a unique opportunity for us to work directly with a client who brings a tremendous amount of technical knowledge and specialized engineering to the project," McGranaghan says. "The building design was very much a collaborative effort between Granum's designers and New Hudson Façades' own design and technical team."

New Hudson Façades, Linwood, Pa.
Fall 2015
Total square footage: 180,000 square feet
Owner: New Hudson Façades, Linwood
Architect: Granum A/I, Radnor, Pa.,
General contractor: Tamora Building Systems, West Chester, Pa.,
Erector: Merit Builders Inc., Rocky Ridge, Md.,
Curtainwall: New Hudson Façades, Linwood,
Curtainwall components: Schüco USA LLLP, Newington, Conn.,
Metal building system/daylighting: Butler Manufacturing Co., Kansas City, Mo.,