April 13 Coronavirus Survey: Overall Atttude

The second part of our coronavirus survey looks at the attitudes of industry people toward both the coronavirus and the threat to our businesses and industries.

Attitudes by respondents are changing quickly, both toward the coronavirus pandemic and its affect on business

By Paul Deffenbaugh

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We conducted this first survey from Monday, April 13 through Thursday, April 17, and 193 people responded. We broke our report into four areas:

  • Audience characteristics
  • Overall attitude
  • Revenue changes
  • Project and employee changes

The Overall Attitude section is below. Follow links in the sidebar to see the other sections.

We plan to do this survey regularly. If you have questions or would like to provide feedback, please contact Paul Deffenbaugh, editorial director, pdeffenbaugh@moderntrade.com

Overall Attitude

To compare these attitudes to the ones in the first survey, go here.

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Cv Survey Wk2 Q6 Threat By Time

Within two weeks, contractors, architects and manufacturers were less likely to rate the coronavirus threat as very dangerous, but slightly more likely to identify it as somewhat dangerous. Across all respondents, those who rated it very dangerous dropped from 58.4% to 44.8%, while those saying it was somewhat dangerous increased from 33.7% to 41.7%. That downward shift is reflected in the increase in those who felt the threat was either not very dangerous (12%) or not dangerous at all (1.6% ).

As with the previous survey, architects/engineers are still most likely to say the coronavirus threat is very dangerous.

Cv Survey Wk2 Q7 Bus Threat By Time

In the last survey, we compared attitudes toward the business threat of the coronavirus of those who took the survey on March 30-31 to those who took it April 1-2. Surprisingly, a significantly decrease in concern was already evident.

Three weeks later, that decrease in concern is even more marked. While approximately the same percentage of respondents were somewhat worried or very worried about the coronavirus threat to business, the percentage that were very worried decreased by nearly 10 percentage points from 62.9% to 55.4%.

Contractors and architects/engineers did not change their attitudes about the threat of the coronavirus to the business environment very much over the last three weeks. However, manufacturers were noticeably less worried. The percentage of manufacturer respondents who said they were very worried about the threat to business decreased from 58% to 44.2%. That group is now more likely to be somewhat worried than they were two weeks ago.