Evaluating Commercial Doors for Metal Buildings

At times an afterthought, the proper selection of commercial or industrial doors is key to a successful project. With varying benefits and price points, finding the right door for the application at the right price point is a key component to the efficient operation of commercial building spaces and a satisfied end customer.

Numerous options to meet project needs

By Russell Lowe

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Rolling Sheet Doors

Rolling sheet doors are an ideal solution for self storage facilities requiring security on a budget. Rolling sheet doors offer a low-profile, easy installation with smooth operation. Rolling sheet doors come in a wide variety of colors and finishes to match the aesthetics of the application.

Rolling Shutters and Grilles

Rolling shutters and grilles are lighter duty doors that are ideal for high traffic areas. Rolling shutters provide security, easy operation and aesthetics that can match a variety of applications. Rolling grilles are constructed from aluminum, stainless or galvanized steel, and offer vision and security. Rolling shutters and grilles are commonly used in retail, commercial, parking garages and industrial buildings.

Sectional Steel Doors

Sectional steel doors come in a variety of steel gauges and offer polystyrene insulation options for a step up in thermal efficiency. These doors can be used in a variety of applications and are common in warehouse and distribution facilities. Offering strength and durability, sectional steel doors can be used for everything from loading docks to vehicular access.

Foamed-In-Place Doors

Offering superior thermal performance, foamed-in-place doors are made with a three-layer construction of an interior and exterior steel skin with a polyurethane core. These sectional doors are a perfect fit for colder climates or applications where climate control is a must. Foamed-in-place doors come in a variety of panel widths, from 1 to 3 inches, providing the appropriate level of thermal protection.

Rolling Service Doors

Rolling service doors are a heavy-duty solution offering maximum security and strength. These doors are made of slats that come in aluminum, stainless or galvanized steel. The slats are also available with insulation for applications requiring enhance thermal protection. Rolling service doors can be made to fit openings up to 1,500 square feet, allowing them to be used across commercial and industrial applications.

High-Performance Doors

High-performance doors are made for applications requiring the highest reliability, efficiency and return on investment. High-performance doors operate at speeds and provide much higher cycle life than traditional overhead doors.

High-performance doors come in a variety of materials and can be used in both exterior and interior applications. High-speed metal doors are an exterior door perfect for automotive applications requiring modern looks and high cycle performance. Exterior rubber doors are built for the most rigorous environment and are commonly used in mining and manufacturing.

Interior fabric doors are perfect for the interior of distribution facilities allowing for the quick movement of forklifts and warehouse traffic. Finally, there are specialty high-performance doors, like an insulated fabric door, which is used in food processing where freezers and coolers need to be accessed quickly and efficiently.

Other Considerations

The door categories listed above just scratch the surface on what’s available to meet the needs of a building owner. Beyond the selection of the door, there are numerous options packages available to further dial in to the needs of the end user.

There are aesthetic options to consider such as colors, finishes and windows. There are also performance options to enhance the operation of doors systems in all categories. High cycle options are available on both sectional and rolling products to enhance product life cycle. Sectional doors are available in different track configurations to ensure a good fit with the available opening space. Rolling doors also have options to improve the airtightness of the product and meet environmental codes. Additional safety items, such as sensing edges, photo eyes and cable safety devices may be a consideration if people are frequently working in and around the door opening.

Russell Lowe is senior product manager at Overhead Door Corp., Lewisville, Texas. For more information call (972) 906-1421 or go to

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