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IMPs Aren’t Just for Walls

IMPs deliver excellent versatility, especially when it comes to roofing solutions

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Insulated metal panels (IMPS) are lightweight composite panels used to clad the building envelope, and are suitable for roofing and wall applications. These metal panels are lightweight, consisting of metal skins surrounding an insulating foam core and, depending on the foam’s thickness, different levels of insulation can be achieved. Subsequently, using these panels on the building exterior and roof can help with internal thermal regulation, to enhance occupants’ comfort, decrease HVAC loads, and thereby energy costs, and promote energy efficiency, which can help achieve LEED credits.

These metal panels are often available in a wide range of thicknesses, sizes and colors, and can be corrugated or flat. Because of their almost infinite design possibilities, IMPs can be used on a variety of different building types—from government buildings to medical facilities, multifamily structures and office buildings—to achieve a wide range of effects. They are cost effective and can be installed vertically or horizontally, allowing for exceptional visual interest and high performance when part of a building envelope.

An IMP Example

In terms of roofing, IMPs come fully fabricated. There are fewer trades to coordinate when it comes to installation, which makes the process quicker and more efficient. As such, IMP roofing panels can be an excellent option when large areas of installation are required. CENTRIA has two such offerings: Versawall and Versapanel. Versawall is a lightweight IMP, which can be installed vertically for long, sleek sight lines. The lightly planked interior liner works compositely with the face sheet to provide greater strength and allow longer spans. Versapanel wall IMPs offer a solution for either walls or roofs. This energy-efficient wall system has bold ribs that add linear definition to large structures.

IMPs: Presenting a Higher Education Design Solution

Depending on building and client needs, IMP roofing solutions can significantly enhance the performance of a structure. One example is the Kalamazoo Valley Community College (KVCC) Food Innovation building. Located in downtown Kalamazoo, Mich., this building was constructed in response to the rising popularity of food-growing simulations, and it stands to promote technological advances in food growth and wellness.

The KVCC is a large facility that needed to house four critical features for training: food education areas, a flexible indoor growing space, processing facilities and outdoor growing areas— all with ample space for hands-on greenhouse work and research. Construction was executed in collaboration with the City of Kalamazoo, Bronson Healthcare Group, the Department of Environmental Equality, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. As a result, the architect, TowerPinkster, Kalamazoo, Mich., was required to specify building materials that provided state-of- the-art sustainability features. In addition, the façade had to account for the aesthetic traits of the surrounding environment including city parks, residential properties, walkways, bus routes, hospitals and rivers.

In total, 18,634 square feet of Versapanel roofing IMPs were installed to create the building’s overall silhouette, with the added bonus of thermal and moisture efficiency. The panels have strong steel skins that increase span capability and cut costs on support steel. The interior liner works with the face sheet to improve structural strength.

The lightweight, simplistic design offers fast and efficient installation, which allowed construction to conclude before December’s heavy snowfall. In addition to its performance features, Versapanel provides unique, linear sightlines, and its embossed finish allows for a striated surface.

IMPs can be a top insulating solution for roofing. They require little maintenance and are quickly installed, which is a boon to construction teams. With demand for new buildings as high as ever, anything that can enable the acceleration of schedules—or at the very least, ensure deadlines are met—will appeal to all members of the design and construction team. IMPs present a more rapidly installed, environmentally friendly product that can be specified in any region of the country.

Andrew Hardman is the marketing communications specialist at CENTRIA, Moon Township, Pa. For more information, visit