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Industry Innovations (September 2009)

Façade system enhances appearance

The Kalzip FC façade system is ideal for new construction, and is particularly beneficial for retrofit and replacement especially in cases where portions of structures have sustained major damage. It is a bi-directional concealed fastener system that allows aluminum profiles to be installed either from the bottom up or top down, or in both directions simultaneously to speed installation. The system allows individual panels to be easily removed and replaced without compromising adjoining panels or the overall appearance of a structure's façade. The clip connection provides extreme high-wind suction resistance for the façade. The system is currently being applied to the exterior façade on the Louisiana Superdome, New Orleans, which was severely damaged by Hurricane Katrina.


Beam turning and gantry welding offerings

PHI's Beam Turning Device allows for increased production by rotating the beam and welding on both sides of a beam, which is required by some building codes. The turning system consists of a solid frame that straddles the conveyors with supporting lifting cylinders and a chain-driven gear motor. Two frames are provided, one fixed, the other movable by motor on rails along the length of the conveyors.


The Gantry Welding System from PHI is designed to provide improved productivity over the manual or semi-automatic welding of structural H beams. The welding gantry, with automatic dual heads and wire feeders, can provide a continuous sub-arc weld for the maximum deposit of weld metal at faster travel speeds, reducing operating costs while improving productivity. Presetting the welding parameters at the beginning of the cycle will ensure consistent welds throughout the length of the beam and standardize welding procedures.


Residential/commercial LED lights

Energy-efficient LED recessed down lights from Nora Lighting can be used for both new construction and renovations. Designed for residential and light commercial installations, the fixtures integrate the warm white color of incandescent lamps with long lasting, high-output LED technology. There are three 120-volt models: 4-, 5- and 6-inch (102-, 127- and 152-mm) diameter aperture fixtures.Nora LEDs provide illumination without projected heat, ultraviolet or infrared rays.


Flexible rise door

The Premier from Wilson Doors provides a flexible, stylish approach to partitioning rooms. A vertical rise door that rises to the ceiling, the Premier takes up little headroom and no floor space. Other benefits are the Premier's lightweight frame, which puts minimal stress on the building structure, and the ability to use a variety of materials to match room design.


Accent clouds

MetalWorks Wings from Armstrong Ceilings are a new line of accent and acoustical clouds with a three-dimensional look that help define a space. MetalWorks Wings consist of a center spine with multiple metal panels extending from it at a slight 3-degree angle or an optional 10-degree angle. The cloud is suspended from above at minimal points along the spine. The MetalWorks Wings are available in a variety of colors and are ideal for corridors, conference areas, offices and exposed structure areas.


Coating protects against mildew

Sherwin-Williams' Tile-Clad High Solids Mildew Resistant epoxy is an industrial coating that protects against mildew growth on exterior surfaces where dampness and humidity are areas of concern. Tile-Clad is an excellent choice for areas such as clean rooms, laboratories, institutional kitchens and chemical processing equipment where mildew growth must be guarded against in order to maintain operations. It can also be utilized in a wide variety of applications where mildew growth may occur, such as water tank exteriors, structural and support steel, power plants, nuclear power facilities,offshore structures and fuel storage tanks, reducing the need for labor-intensive cleaning and the need to recoat should mildew damage the finish.


Environment-friendly adhesive

Polyped1 is a pedestal adhesive from Chemique Adhesives Inc. for the raised access flooring industry that releases no VOCs during application. The one-component moisture curing pedestal adhesive was specifically formulated for the bonding of metal pedestals to concrete when installing raised flooring systems. Polyped1 forms a strong and extremely flexible bond providing exceptional adhesion to metal substrates and concrete subfloors, even an inconsistent floor.


Steel coupling system

The steel coupling system, Lumber Link, from Socket Systems uses plate steel and timbers to create clear span buildings up to 60 feet (18 m) wide. Frames are assembled on the ground with your choice of gable or gambrel roof and raised into place using the foot locking system. No cranes or lifting equipment is needed. A second floor can be installed using metal I-Beams or wood members.