Readers’ Choice Awards for 2018

By Paul Deffenbaugh If there is a specific interest, it is probably roofing in a general sense. Many of the products, whether metal tiles, sealants or underlayment, all relate to roofing installation. But there were some surprises. It’s a bit of inside baseball, but the Reader’s Choice Awards also speak to how the magazine is… Continue reading Readers’ Choice Awards for 2018
By Paul Deffenbaugh

Bloomfield Jan1 1

If there is a specific interest, it is probably roofing in a general sense. Many of the products, whether metal tiles, sealants or underlayment, all relate to roofing installation. But there were some surprises.

It’s a bit of inside baseball, but the Reader’s Choice Awards also speak to how the magazine is organized. In the past, top products have come almost exclusively from our product catalogue section, which we believe shows how important keeping up-to-date on products is to our readers. In 2017, we added a new feature to the magazine, Snapshot, which appears on the last page, and presents products and architectural design in a very dramatic fashion. Our readers chose two of those products as worthy of their interest. That includes the number one product selected, the Quonset Hut Roof from Pioneer Steel Manufacturers Ltd., Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

For a product to be considered for the Readers’ Choice Awards, it must have been featured in our editorial coverage between the May 2017 and April 2018 issues of Metal Construction News. We tracked the leads generated by each product from our readers and ranked them according to the number of leads.

Congratulations to the winners of the 2018 Metal Construction News Readers’ Choice Awards.

Bloomfield Jan1 1

1. Pioneer Steel Manufacturers Ltd.
Quonset Hut Roof
January 2018

Quonset huts may be the earliest and least exciting of metal building systems, but the installation of these Quonset huts from Pioneer Steel Manufacturers speak to the dynamism simple forms can bring to the built environment. Installed on raised concrete walls, two, matching 36-foot-long buildings create what the owner calls a car temple. Levy Design Partners specified a large, glass garage door and three, folding patio doors that open out to the landscape and connect the two buildings visually. The garage features exposed ribs and concrete on the interior, but the studio uses ash plywood panels on the ceiling to hide the insulation below the metal roof.


Akzonobel Expressions 1

2. AkzoNobel Coatings Inc.
CERAM-A-STAR Expressions
January 2018

AkzoNobel’s CERAM-A-STAR Expressions is a print-coat product that combines AkzoNobel’s ink and wrinkle coating technologies. It creates a variety of looks including wood grain, slate and granite patterns. The coil coating may be used for interior and exterior applications including siding, roofs, garage doors, entry doors and architectural accents.


Du Pont Protec 2

3. DuPont Building Innovations

Tyvek Protec Roof Underlayment

December 2017

DuPont Building Innovations’ Tyvek Protec roof underlayment is a secondary water barrier on steep-sloped roofs (2:12 or higher) under metal, asphalt, cedar or slate shingles and tiles. Tyvek Protec is offered in a variety of grades: Tyvek Protec 120, Tyvek Protec 160 and Tyvek Protec 200. It is designed to lay flat, be wrinkle free and easy to chalk.


Wausau 8300 Series Aug18

4. Wausau Wall & Window Systems
8300 Series Aluminum Windows
July 2017

Wausau Window and Wall Systems’ 8300 Series aluminum windows have historically accurate appearances and provide modern performance. They are reminiscent of large, industrial steel windows with an airy grid from the early 1900s. The 8300 Series fixed, project-in or project-out casements, awnings and hopper vents feature true divided lites. Custom profiles can be designed for panning, perimeter framing or muntins, including panning systems with T-mullions to echo existing profiles.


20 Garland Apr18

5. The Garland Co. Inc.
R-Mer Seal Metal Roof Underlayment
December 2017

Garland’s R-Mer Seal is a self-adhering, high-temperature, metal roof underlayment and vapor barrier. Its rubberized asphalt adhesive forms a flexible, watertight seal. R-Mer Seal works on slopes 2:12 and higher. It has elongation capability and tensile strength to accommodate roof surface expansion and contraction. Cross-laminated polymer film provides a non-slip surface for installers.


Floridas Barrel Pic 1 High Res

6. Florida Metal Roofing Products Inc.
Barrel Style Metal Tiles
October 2017

Florida Metal Roofing Products’ Barrel Style metal tiles look like traditional clay tiles. They are made with 24-gauge (G-90) steel or 0.032-inch aluminum. The steel tiles are Miami Dade approved for HVHZ (NOA 16-0125.09). The aluminum tiles are Florida Product approved with a field design pressure of -127.50 psf. Barrel Style metal tiles are available with Kynar 500 finishes.


Simpson Header 1

7. Simpson Strong-Tie Co.
SHH Steel Header Hangers
February 2018

Simpson Strong-Tie’s SHH Steel Header Hangers support cold-formed steel framing box headers and large-flange lay-in headers in curtainwalls. They reduce drywall build up, have minimal screw counts and a galvanized G90 finish. Two models are offered: SHH6 and SHH3. SHH6 is manufactured in steel thicknesses of 54-mil (16-gauge) and 68-mil (14-gauge) and is for use with 6-inch (minimum) box headers. SHH3 is manufactured from 68-mil (14-gauge) steel; it is for 3 5/8-inch or 4-inch (maximum) box headers and large-flange lay-in headers.


Triangle Aps500 Mcnaug18

8. Triangle Fastener Corp.
APS500 Advanced Polymer Sealant
August 2017

Triangle Fastener’s APS500 Advanced Polymer Sealant adheres to metal, coated metals, wood, masonry, PVC and most construction materials. It may be installed in temperatures as low as 32 F. APS500 Advanced Polymer Sealant is UV resistant and paintable. More than 24 colors are available. The Class 50 sealant has greater movement capabilities than Class 25 sealants.


Duponts Tyvekfluid Pic 4 High Res

9. DuPont Building Innovations
Tyvek Fluid Applied WB+ Water Barrier
August 2017

DuPont Building Innovations’ Tyvek Fluid Applied WB+ is a secondary water barrier. It uses silyl-terminated polyether technology to create air and water barriers. Tyvek Fluid Applied WB+ can be installed behind metal panel systems or installed over metal substrates. It is designed to prevent air and water leaks as well as metal corrosion and wood rot. It also helps prevent air and water leakage at the vertical walls of building envelopes. Tyvek Fluid Applied WB+ is installed in a one coat lift of 25 mils. It is sprayed or pressure-rolled on surfaces including concrete, concrete masonry units and gypsum sheathing. Tyvek Fluid Applied WB+ needs to be covered by an exterior finish within nine months of installation. Tyvek Fluid Applied WB+ is tested and rated for temperatures to 180 F, so it can be installed behind metal panel systems that are not high-heat applications.


10 Edco Apr18

10. EDCO Products Inc.
Prism Collection Steel Siding
July 2017

EDCO Products’ Prism Collection steel siding features a wood-grain texture. It is offered in single 6-inch traditional lap siding and 12-inch vertical boards and battens. A full line of color-coordinated accessories is available. Colors of Prism Collection steel siding include Bordeaux, Onyx, Sapphire and Tuscan.


Atas Castletop Pic 1 High Res

11. ATAS International Inc.
CastleTop Metal Shingles
October 2017

ATAS International’s CastleTop metal shingles are flat and diamond-shaped. They may be used on walls and mansards in commercial and residential projects with a minimum 3:12 slope. CastleTop metal shingles are installed from eaves to ridges with concealed fasteners. They have expanded polystyrene backer boards that withstand light foot traffic during installation. Multiple colors may be combined to create patterns.


Senco Dura Spin Mcnaug18

12. Senco Brands Inc.
DuraSpin Bits
May 2017

Senco Brands’ impact-rated DuraSpin bits for high-torque, metal-to-metal applications are manufactured from high-grade steel tempered with a custom heat treatment. They are designed to reduce breakage and extend bit life. DuraSpin bits narrow above the hex shank to absorb excess torque and impact energy. The line includes #2 Phillips, #2 square and Rex Drive in from 7 3/4 inches to 9 inches long. Applications for the bits include steel decking, hat channel, wall panel construction, resilient channel, metal truss assembly, window framing and aluminum extrusions.


Dynamic Titebond Mcnaug18

13. Dynamic Fastener
Titebond WeatherMaster Metal Roof Sealant
August 2017

Dynamic Fastener’s Titebond WeatherMaster metal roof sealant creates seals against water, wind, dust and dirt. It adheres to Kynar-coated metal materials, standard metals, aluminum, steel, galvanized and bonderized surfaces, plastics and glass. Titebond WeatherMaster metal roof sealant is offered in more than 50 colors. The polymer sealant is an alternative to silicones, tri-polymers and polyurethanes.


Phantom5000 Nov17

14. Tubelite Inc.
Phantom 5000 Awning and Casement Windows
November 2017

Tubelite’s Phantom 5000 zero sightline awning and casement windows feature a concealed aluminum frame design that is invisible from building exteriors. They have a 4 1/4-inch depth and create a consistent appearance of fixed lites. Hinging options allow opening from the bottom or side of the windows. Screens are available with frames to match the windows. Phantom 5000 zero sightline awning and casement windows integrate with curtainwalls, window walls and storefront systems.


Bosch Impact 2

15. Bosch Tool Corp.
Impact Tough Impact Driver Bits
May 2017

Robert Bosch Tool’s Impact Tough Impact Driver Bits have an Xtended Torsion Zone to absorb torque peaks to reduce breakage. Its impact-rated line includes heat-treated, impact-rated line screw driving bits, double-ended bits, nut setters, sockets and bit holders for high-torque impact drivers. The bits come with silver, high-visibility sleeves and a coating with laser markings for clear identification.


Thermal Quik Stop Mcnaug18

16. Thermal Design Inc.
Quik-Stop Trash Free Thermal Break Tape
June 2017

Thermal Design’s Quik-Stop Trash Free thermal break tape without paper release backing is installed on metal building purlin and girt flanges to minimize conductive paths between metal panels and metal framing. Its adhesive film on the inside of the foam tape rolls allows it to be applied to framing as it unrolls, which eliminates the need to peel and remove paper release backing. Quik-Stop Trash Free thermal break tape works with all of Thermal Design’s insulation liner systems including Simple Saver System and AutoCeil ceiling and wall insulation system.


3 A Plus Natural Mcnaug18

17. 3A Composites USA Inc.
Alucobond PLUS naturAL Terra Series
February 2018

3A Composites’ Alucobond PLUS naturAL Terra Series aluminum composite material (ACM) was inspired by iridescent stone. Six textured finishes are available: Arctic Frost, Clear Ice, Lava, Precast Grey, Sierra Sand and Terra Cotta. The 4-mm-thick Alucobond PLUS has two sheets of 0.02-inch aluminum thermobonded to a PLUS fire-resistant core. Alucobond PLUS wall panels have a flame-spread index less than 25 and smoke-developed index less than 450 (tested to ASTM E84).


21 Drexel Apr18

18. Drexel Metals Inc.
Metshield Synthetic Roof Underlayment
December 2017

Drexel Metals’ Metshield Synthetic roof underlayment is a high-tensile strength, 40-mil, SBS-modified bitumen with a UV-resistant, anti-slip polyethylene woven top facer. It self seals around roofing nails, screws and clips used to install the primary roof system. It has a skid-resistant surface for steep-slope applications. Metshield Synthetic underlayment may be used with metal, asphalt and slate shingles and tiles, and a variety of sloped roof materials. It may be used for commercial and residential applications using plastic cap fasteners and roofing nails (3/8-inch head).


Mfms Ultra Pic 1 High Res

19. MFM Building Products Corp.
Ultra HT Wind and Water Seal
December 2017

MFM Building Products’ Ultra HT Wind and Water Seal is a 45-mil, self-adhering, waterproofing roof underlayment. It is made of a cross-laminated, non-slip polymer film laminated to a high-temperature, rubberized, asphalt adhesive. The roof underlayment comes in a 36-inch-wide, two-square roll. Ultra HT Wind and Water Seal is tested to ASTM D 1970 and Florida Building Code 16562; it is also Miami-Dade County approved.


12 Reflectix Apr18

20. Reflectix Inc.
Reflective/White, Single- and Double-Bubble Insulation
June 2017

Reflectix’s Single Reflective/White, Single- and Double-Bubble Insulations have one or two layers of heavy-gauge polyethylene bubbles. The bubbles are laminated to metalized polyester on one side and white polyethylene sheet on the other. The non-fibrous reflective insulation is installed in roof and wall systems in metal buildings. Depending on the thermal performance requirements of the structure, it can be specified as a standalone product or in hybrid systems. Standard width rolls are 4 feet and 6 feet by 100 or 125 feet. Additionally, custom widths to 10 feet are available.


Valspar Acrylicoat 1

21. Sherwin-Williams Coil and Extrusion Coatings
Valspar Acrylicoat
January 2018

Sherwin-Williams Coil and Extrusion Coatings’ Valspar Acrylicoat creates hard surfaces and smooth, glass-like finishes on extruded-aluminum architectural products. It has a wide curing window that allows applicators to cure at a low temperature to save energy or cure at a high temperature for increased throughput at high line speeds. The acrylic coating has a resin system and is offered in a wide range of gloss levels. There are 18 standard colors and custom solid and metallic colors are also offered. Valspar Acrylicoat meets or exceeds AAMA 2603-17 standard for coatings.


North Main Feb18 2 Cornerinsert

22. Hussey Copper Ltd.
Copper Panels
February 2018

Since the dawn of architecture copper is one of the most recognized and utilized building materials. Renowned for its durability and ductility, the material delivers a refined aesthetic that designers love to have in their toolbox.

Here it is used in its most dramatic form, lining the entrance to the North Main building in East Hampton, N.Y. that was designed by architect Paul Masi, AIA, LEED AP, of Bates Masi + Architects, East Hampton. The copper was supplied by Hussey Copper Ltd., and installed and fabricated by Cedar Design Inc.


Chemlinks M1 Pic 1 High Res

23. Chem Link Inc.
M-1 Structural Adhesive and Sealant
August 2017

Chem Link’s M-1 structural adhesive and sealant bonds and seals a variety of construction materials including most metals. It forms durable, waterproof seals on roofing materials for flashing, coping, skylights and in HVAC applications. Additionally, M-1 structural adhesive and sealant may be used temporary leak repairs. It has 400 pounds per square inch of shear strength and a Class A fire rating.


Berridge Classic Mcnaug18

24. Berridge Manufacturing Co.
Classic Metal Shingles
October 2017

Berridge Manufacturing’s Classic metal shingles provide 9-inch-wide by 12-inch-high coverage. The 24-gauge steel shingles are produced in Kynar 500 and Hylar 5000 finishes, and acrylic-coated Galvalume. They may be installed on roofs and walls for residential and commercial projects. Classic metal shingles are wind resistance rated UL-580 UL-1897, Florida Product and Miami Dade approved.


10 Tamko

25. TAMKO Building Products
MetalWorks Steel Shingles
October 2017

TAMKO Building Products’ MetalWorks steel shingles look like slate, wood and tile, in a variety of colors. The metal shingles may be installed with the company’s Synthetic Guard Plus Underlayment. MetalWorks steel shingles are an Energy Star product and listed by the Cool Roof Rating Council.


Woods Panel Pic 1 High Res

26. Wood’s Powr-Grip
Panel Channel Lifter
October 2017

Wood’s Powr-Grip’s Panel Channel Lifter is used to install insulated metal panels (IMPs). By using vacuum pads, the lifter moves IMPs without slings or bolts. The vacuum lifter has Intelli-Grip technology with computer-aided controls and safety systems.


Green American Great Shakes Mcnaug18

27. Green American Home
Great American Shakes
October 2017

Green American Home’s Great American Shakes feature the heavy texture and color tones in various stages of weatherization of wood shakes. The modular, four-way interlocking steel shakes are produced with PVDF coatings including three multi-hued colors in the company’s Cedar Series. Additionally, a line of complementary accessories is available.


Certain Teed Membrain Mcnaug18

28. CertainTeed Corp.
MemBrain Vapor Retarder
June 2017

CertainTeed’s MemBrain vapor retarder is a polyamide film that changes permeability from less than 1 perm at low humidity, such as during winter, to greater than 20 perms at high relative humidity. MemBrain is used in place of traditional polyethylene vapor retarders with unfaced fiberglass insulation to provide an insulation system that functions well in areas with seasonal changes in temperature and humidity.