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Staying a Steady Course: Borghesi Building & Engineering gets ahead by doing what it's always done

Borghesi1A no-frills business approach has helped Borghesi Building & Engineering Co. Inc. in Torrington, Conn., remain a successful design-build contractor since 1942. The single-source construction firm offers engineering, design and contracting services and specializes in commercial, industrial and retail/office facilities.

According to Gary Capitanio, vice president of Borghesi Building & Engineering, the company is kind of boring in the sense of how they do things and how they go about business. "And it's been successful for us," he says. "We are a steady-as-you-go company. If it's not broke, don't fix it."

"We continue to offer quality products at an affordable price," he adds. "With our in-house design team, we offer a fast response time to customers."


A Long History

The story behind Borghesi Building & Engineering began in 1942 when Max Borghesi started a small construction company specializing in residential foundations and brick veneers. in 1950, as the business grew, Max and his brother, Asil, formed a partnership known as Borghesi Brothers, General Contractors to construct commercial buildings. Primarily a mason subcontractor, the company also did some small general contracting jobs. The company did steady business until 1965 when Max decided to expand the business to encompass larger construction projects. Since Asil was not interested in pursuing this route, Max terminated the partnership and formed a construction company with the intent of performing larger projects

The new company was more commercially oriented, and had a work force of both masonry and carpentry crews. In 1968, Max's son Allan became a partner in the business, bringing an education in engineering and business, as well as experience in both fields. At that time, the company purchased a franchise in pre-engineered steel buildings for Litchfield County, Conn. As a Connecticut Registered Professional Engineer, Allan started the company's design-build concept, utilizing its masonry, carpentry and pre-engineered experience. From this concept came the company's trademark, "Complete construction is our business-from concept, to drawings, to completion."

In 1969, Max and Allan constructed a 3,000-square-foot building on property in Torrington that they owned, to house the company's operations, helping to contribute to a steady growth in business. The partnership was incorporated as Borghesi Building & Engineering Co. Inc. in 1972, the same year Jeff Borghesi joined the company. Since then, the company has grown substantially, with annual sales of less than $2 million in 1975 to more than $18 million today.

In 1982, the company relocated to a new 14,000-square-foot corporate office building on East Main Street in Torrington, where it remains today.


Borghesi2Single-Source Design

Borghesi offers complete in-house design, planning and construction services for projects in Connecticut. The support staff consists of two professional engineers and two designers whose function is to produce from concept to the building drawings and design details, along with three project development engineers and three project managers, whose function is to oversee the various construction projects, along with various field foremen and personnel.

"We do things on a developed, design-build basis," Capitanio explains. "What distinguishes us is our in-house engineering capabilities." The company provides single-source responsibility, meaning that regardless of whether a project is a renovation of an existing building, an addition, relocation, or new construction, the Borghesi can help with all aspects of the project, from the preparation of a preliminary budget to the design and construction of the project. "We can streamline processes and work in tandem with design and ideas and budget and pricing so that we get a design that works and is affordable sooner, thus saving [the client] time and money."

Fundamental to Borghesi's business, the design-build process provides customers with the optimum design to fit within their budget from a cost, appearance and performance standpoint. The company uses a variety of conventional and pre-engineered construction techniques, selecting masonry, concrete wall panels, glass wall systems and more. Currently, 70 to 80 percent of the company's work utilizes metal building systems from Kansas City, Mo.-based Butler Manufacturing. According to Capitanio, the Butler trademark is a leader in the pre-engineered metal building industry and is synonymous with longevity and quality, which is similar to Borghesi's philosophy and business plan.



Guiding the company's direction is Borghesi's motto, building ideas that work. "The most important thing the company has learned over the years is to make sure that at the end of the project, the customer is happy and satisfied with the end result," Capitanio explains.

The company's reputation and longevity in the business, repeat customers and word-of-mouth, are a huge part of Borghesi's continuing business plan for success. "We are not flashy," Capitanio says. "We have been in business for 70 years and have been successful."

Doing the same-working hard, doing things right, continuing even when times are bad, trying to continue with the marketing and advertising plan-have all played a role in our success, he adds.


Company Profile

Year Founded: 1942

Location: Torrington, Conn.

Markets Served: Connecticut

2011 Total Revenue: $18 million

Number of Employees: 22

Services Offered: full-service design-build general contractor with in-house engineering team, specializing in commercial, industrial, office and retail projects

Metal Building Systems Square Footage Installed 2011: 139,000 square feet

Building Manufacturer Affiliation: Butler Manufacturing, Kansas City, Mo.