The 2019 Metal Construction News Building & Roofing Awards

The Grand Award winner in the 2019 Metal Construction News Building & Roofing Awards is the Clear Lake Recreation & Wellness Center at The University of Houston, Clear Lake, Texas.

By Christopher Brinckerhoff
By Mark Robins
By Marcy Marro
By Paul Deffenbaugh

Uhcl Dec19 10

Submitted in the New Metal Walls category, the project was noteworthy for its multiple uses of multiple metal panels, dramatic overhangs, natural light and canopies. The other category winners in the MCN Building & Roofing Awards are:

Photos courtesy of Bill Timmerman

Drivers Club Dec19 1

Metal Buildings

Drivers Club

Redmond, Wash.

Photo: Michael Grimm Photography Inc.

Judges Award

Calgary Central Library

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Photo: Phalanx Studios

New Metal Roofs

Viking Lakes Canopy

Eagan, Minn.

Photo: Jason Lee

Retrofit Metal Roofs

Steeple Square

Dubuque, Iowa

Photo: Brennan Photo Video

Judges Award

Facebook MPK21

Menlo Park, Calif.

Photo: Brennan Photo and Video

New Metal Walls

108 Chambers

New York City

Photo courtesy of Francis Zera

Retrofit Metal Walls

Pier 17

New York City