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A Life's Work

All of us dream of leading meaningful lives. To give our time here a purpose. For those of us in the construction industry, there is a unique testament to our life's work in the form of the buildings we design, construct, supply materials for or own. But we also...

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Foundations of Strength: Lessons from a Home Builder (1)

A strong building is constructed on the foundation of a company's culture. The design is important, of course, as is the precision of the engineering and the quality of the products. But if the company constructing the building has a flawed culture, the building will be flawed. Why? Disgruntled...

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Blossoming with Renewed Life

For years, Modern Trade Communications has published Metal Home Digest to help home builders, remodelers and architects understand the techniques, opportunities and values of the use of metal in home building and remodeling. The characteristics of metal-its durability, adaptability and design presence-all suit the residential environment well. However, you...

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Engagement = Education

It's a cynical world out there and getting marketing messages through to an audience that takes a jaundiced eye to any hint of self-promotion can backfire. We are bombarded daily with marketing messages. You can't sit in an airport lounge, pump gas or stand in a checkout line at...

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The Drive to Compete on Quality

When I talk to contractors in the metal construction industry, I always ask, "How do you compete against your quality competition?" I find it's a good way to get them to articulate the best aspects of their companies, rather than just the mundane. Still, I often hear responses, such...

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TBL for Success

A friend of mine often observes, "You can't make a green product with a brown company." She applies the admonition equally to products and services, not caring whether the company is a building product manufacturer, commercial contractor or magazine publisher. The point is that companies who claim they make...

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