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A Clean, Well-lighted Industry

In the mid 90s, I participated in a conference that tried to address the dearth of reliable market data in the residential remodeling industry, which was then believed to be more than a $100 billion industry. To solve the problem required the participation of private industry-primarily through building product...

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Don't Build. Print.

3-D printers are the hot new item in the tech market, and architects-especially those whose eyes are drawn the bright, shiny new thing-are finding great uses for them. The printers allow for much more sophisticated modeling, which can help increase construction efficiency and determine optimal engineering. They seem kind...

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Metal Construction Professionals Making Selections

About two months ago I wrote an MCN article titled Metal Wall Comparisons that charted important criteria for four types of metal wall panels: single skin panels, insulated metal panels, aluminum composite material panels and metal composite material panels. It was unlike any feature article I've written. Because it was...

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ESOPs and Metal Construction

Business owners who have recently nursed their companies through the recent downturn are now beginning to pick up their heads and think about exit strategies. Especially those of a certain age. Many will turn to the next generation, passing along not just a legacy, but a future and economic...

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The New York Times recently reported two different companies, Proteus Digital Health and HQ, are working on ingestible, pill-like computers that you can swallow with a glass of milk or water. Once inside your body, tiny sensors and transmitters go about their business, whether it's tracking your internal biorhythms or...

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Missile test videos impact funny bone

If you laughed when David Letterman dropped bowling balls on a waterbed and a frozen turkey on a trampoline from the top of a five-story tower, you might also find missile impact test videos entertaining. The Airolite Co. LLC released a video about new code requirements for large missile impact...

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