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Missile test videos impact funny bone

If you laughed when David Letterman dropped bowling balls on a waterbed and a frozen turkey on a trampoline from the top of a five-story tower, you might also find missile impact test videos entertaining. The Airolite Co. LLC released a video about new code requirements for large missile impact...

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Winter and Construction

There are two seasons in Chicago: winter and construction. This past winter has been especially difficult. Between December and February, we hit these milestones: 67.4 inches of snow were recorded. Third snowiest winter Average temperature of 18.8 degrees. Third coldest winter. Most days at or below zero. Ever. A January...

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Open-Book Management

Years ago, Jack Stack wrote one of the best books about running a business ever penned. It's called, "The Great Game of Business." In a nutshell, Stack's theory is that the most dynamic game available in the country isn't baseball, basketball or football. The best game is running a...

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Metal Construction Hall of Fame Deadline

The Metal Consrtruction Hall of Fame deadline for entries has been extended to August 22, 2013. In its second year, this award program honors those individuals who have made significant contributions to the success, innovation and growth of the metal construction industry. New for this year, we present the...

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Communication and Metal

I have been doing the initial start-up work on a forthcoming Metal Construction News article on the ordering of bent metal panels, and why the successful communication between buyer and seller is so important. I've been doing a lot of communicating with companies on this topic to learn more about...

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Top Metal Builders Deadline

The Top Metal Builders deadline is approaching fast. Complete and submit your form by March 29, 2013. For nearly 30 years, Metal Construction News has published a list of the Top Metal Builders in the country. This year is no exception, and this year proves to be the strongest...

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