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Growing up in the 1970s and 1980s I always enjoyed reading LIFE magazine. Its emphasis on quality photojournalism was especially interesting to me. Its significant, contemporary photography was proof that a picture could be worth a thousand words.

In Metal Construction News’ January 2018 issue, you may have seen our new column called Snapshot.

Like LIFE magazine’s larger-than-life images, Snapshot dedicates an entire page to an inspiring image of a metal-related project with a 150-word description. Look for it at the very end of MCN replacing the Editor’s Pick and Number Crunch columns we would alternate every month.

Interested in having your project showcased with an entire page of visual treatment in the new Snapshot column? Please email ( me some inspiring electronic images of your project with a description and I assure you I will consider it for this new editorial opportunity.

In the meantime, we will always welcome the opportunity to showcase your projects in our other monthly features and listings such as Building Profile, Green Scene, Project Feature, Creative Metal Applications and Market Feature. Feel free to submit your ideas for those too to either me or Marcy Marro (

To see other metal-related project features at our new websites, go to: and


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