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Englert Website Blog Focuses on Retrofit Roofing

According to recent studies, about 25% of U.S. commercial, institutional and public buildings are now 55 years old or older. In a tough economy, the need to refurbish and give new life to these buildings should be an architect’s dream.

The blog, one of two posted on the Englert website www.englertinc.com each month, suggests a new light gauge steel built-up framing over a flat roof, details the advantages of a retrofit sloped metal roof for durability and longevity and includes a look at rooftop renewable solar systems that can be installed at the time of retrofit to save on energy costs.

“We encourage architects and builders to visit the blog to learn more about sloped metal roof retrofits as well as a host of other topics we have addressed in past blogs during 2012,” notes Mitch Gaber, marketing director at Englert. “We also encourage visitors to add their own comments or reach out to us with questions about the different topics,” he added.

Englert website visitors can easily check out the blog by going directly to http://www.englertinc.com/blog.