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Firestone Presents 2010 Master Contractor Award to Industry’s Best

Firestone Building Products Co. LLC, Indianapolis, recently held the 2010 Master Contractor Award ceremony at the Fiesta Americana Grand Coral Beach Resort in Cancun, Mexico, where 261 commercial roofing contractors throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico were honored. Established in 1988, the Master Contractor program honors exceptional roofing firms for achieving Firestone’s high criterion of quality installations and workmanship. Firestone recognized 35 exceptional firms as winners of the President’s Club Award and 158 as recipients of the Inner Circle of Quality Award. The 2010 Master Contractors have collectively installed nearly 2.4 billion square feet of warranted Firestone roofing systems during the last year in new and re-roof applications. “Firestone congratulates the 2010 Master Contractors for their dedication to roofing system excellence and their first-rate industry performance,” said Mike Vall, president of Firestone Building Products. “To attain this accolade in the commercial roofing industry during this lull in the economy should provide building owners confidence that their roofs have been installed by a truly skilled roofing professional.” Three unique industry awards are presented to this distinguished group of contractors based on Firestone’s stringent criteria:
Master Contractor Award Firestone-licensed roofing contractors annually attain the Master Contractor status based on total square footage and Quality Points accumulated for receiving exceptional inspection ratings on Firestone Red Shield warranted RubberGard EPDM, UltraPly TPO, UNA-CLAD metal and asphalt-based roofing system installations. President’s Club Award In addition to Master Contractor status, the top 35 roofing firms attain membership to the coveted 2010 President’s Club, which awards roofing firms who accumulate the highest level of Quality Points. Inner Circle of Quality Award The Inner Circle of Quality Award is earned by those Master Contractors who demonstrate long-standing quality execution, consistent professionalism and a commitment to Firestone’s strict standards of installation excellence. Contractors qualify for this distinction by achieving 2010 Master Contractor status, installing a minimum of four warranted Firestone roofs in each of the last five years, maintaining at least 2 million square feet of Firestone roofs under warranty and achieving an annual Quality Incidence Rating of 2.0 or less. The Firestone QIR measures each contractor’s quality performance based on warranty repair incidences per million square feet under warranty.