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Hance Construction to provide workshop

Hance Construction President Art Hance recently provided a continuing education symposium on sustainability and metal building design for architects and other professionals associated with the Construction Specifications Institute.

The Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the Metal Building Contractors & Erectors Association (MBCEA) program was held in Williamsport, Pa. and was sponsored by Zartman Construction. CSI is a national organization dedicated to advancing building information management and the education of project teams to improve facility performance. Art Hance is president-elect of MBCEA Mid-Atlantic.

Using his hands-on experience with pre-engineered metal buildings and sustainable design, Hance provided an overview of design considerations related to code compliance and sustainability in pre-engineered metal buildings. He identified the sustainable characteristics of metal building systems as well as where they are best applied. Hance explained how to design and order buildings when using different types of metal building systems. He displayed where LEED credits can apply in these designs and how to leverage sustainable design technologies to achieve energy savings across the building¹s lifespan.

“The good news for property owners is that metal buildings today are the right choice for cost-effective, expeditious construction, particularly in markets where there is demand for quality, quickly delivered buildings,” says Hance. “Metal roofs and walls offer an unbeatable level of environmental performance and aesthetic appeal. They are sustainable, have low impact on the environment, reduce solid waste in construction, help reduce energy usage in all climates, and improve the air quality and water efficiency in buildings and their surroundings.”