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New Research Shows Kalzip Meets High Durability and Performance Standards

Recent findings of an extensive research project have proven that Kalzip maintains high durability and performance levels after longterm exposure to potentially corrosive industrial and atmospheric pollutants. The testing, completed by the German BAM (Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing), was carried out over more than 40 years inthree types of aggressive environments – marine, urban and industrial.

The testing, conducted on three roof installations carefully selected for their different atmospheric conditions, resulted in a BBA-certified life expectancy in excess of 40 years for the Kalzip roof system and its ability to perform. The BBA, British Board of Agrément, is the UK’s major authority offering approval and certification services to manufacturers and installers supplying the construction industry. In addition to the third-party BBA certification the results are recognized by the German Zulassung, French Avis Technique and Factory Mutual quality standards.