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AEC 2021 Buyers’ Guide Showcases Extrusion Capabilities

The Aluminum Extruders Council (AEC) has released its 2021 Buyers’ Guide, spotlighting aluminum extrusion sourcing, design and production capabilities. The newly updated Guide provides concise alphabetical listings of Extruder Members including press information, extruder plant capabilities, certifications and staff contacts, all under one cover. In addition, Supplier and Producer Members are cataloged in distinct sections with complete contact information and web addresses for easy access. The Guide’s easy-to-use sections include a Geographical listing of Extruder Members and a comprehensive capabilities chart featuring each Extruder Members’ plant locations and manufacturing data such as press maximum circle sizes, finishing and fabrication capabilities and more. The digital version of the Guide is accessible online and the printed Buyers’ Guide is available to designers, material specifiers, engineers, architects and others upon request.

The Buyers’ Guide, one of the Council’s most popular publications, promotes extrusion use with value-added content touting the benefits of designing with aluminum extrusions for countless applications in key industries. AEC emphasizes that partnering with the chosen extruder’s team can best achieve the greatest cost-value benefits according to specific product needs of the customer. The option of sourcing locally is made easier with member listings for each plant location.

Additionally, the Guide highlights qualified extruders’ ability to meet vehicle designer lightweighting needs, and introduces automakers to AEC’s new interactive web resource at The web page explores the advantages of using extrusions in vehicle design, and displays application examples, material and technical information for sub-frames, roof headers, cross-members, rockers, and battery boxes, and to meet objectives for the coming wave of electric vehicle components and assemblies.

Highlights of AEC white papers are also featured in the Guide, addressing specifier material choices for critical applications. Topics include controlling the spread of viruses and bacteria, and B&C concerns around the health and safety of extruded aluminum commercial building products, finishes and thermal insulating materials used in architectural aluminum applications, underscoring their absence on the Red List of toxic materials. Another white paper topic heralds the role of extruded aluminum building products in enhancing natural light for greater building occupant productivity, health and safety. AEC white papers can be downloaded at

The 2021 AEC Buyers’ Guide was recently distributed to members and thousands of contacts gathered by AEC. The online AEC Buyers’ Guide digital e-book is now available for download at