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Framing System With Many Components

The E-Z Steel Framing System is a complete system for light-gauge steel wall panel production. From Triad, the system is comprised of all new items—the Steel Clipper, Vertical Sub- Component Assembly Table, Tilt Rough-Opening Component Assemble Table, E-Z Steel Framing Table and Vertical Sheathing Rack. The system allows customers to use the fastening method of their choice—weld, rivet, clinch or nail.

The E-Z Steel Framing Table

Allows operators to assemble walls up to 16-feet (4.8-m) long with wall heights between 6 5/6 and 14 1/4 feet (2 and 4.3 m). The customer can choose the fastening method.

The Tilt Rough-Opening Component Assembly Table

(Ro-Cat) for steel framing is a new take on a long existing product. The Ro- Cat takes the prescrewed header and sill units from the Vertical S-Cat and provides a means to positively square the units as an operator joins them to a pair of trimmers. By activating the tilt portion, the operator can finish window or door bucks by fastening the back side without having to lift and turn over the opening.

The Vertical Sub-Component Assembly

Table (Vertical S-Cat) has up to a 12-foot-(3.6-m-) long capacity and is designed to be used as a jig, allowing the operator to prescrew cripples to sills and headers. It can also be used to prebuild ladders and knee walls from 5 to 48 inches (127 to 1,219 mm) in width.

The Steel Clipper

Cuts 1 5/8- by 2-inch- (41- by 51-mm-) square notches in stud material to help put together subcomponents. The equipment is pneumatically operated with a foot-pedal control. Place the stud; activate the resharpenable/ replaceable shear blade; and cut the notches.

The Vertical Sheathing Rack

Has a wall length capacity of 16 feet and is adjustable for wall heights up to 14 feet (4.2 m). An upper platform allows one operator to work on the top portion of the wall panel while another works on the middle and lower portion. Built-in fork pockets allow for easier height adjustment.