Perforated and Expanded Metals

Mesh comes in bronze, new weaves

Gkd Bronze Collection 7

GKD Metal Fabrics offers all of its metal fabric in the Bronze collection. The Bronze collection can be clear coated to retain a bronze tone or left unfinished so a patina will develop. GKD also offers five new metal fabric weaves: Choptank weave, Ellipse 52 aluminum weave, Helix 36 aluminum weave, Ripple weave and Tigris TC-3 weave. Choptank is a dimensional square weave pattern with small open area. Ellipse 52 has tight dimension, Helix 36 is lightweight and Ripple looks like ripples on water. Tigris TC-3 has a triplet of warp wires spaced along a straight weft and woven along a crimped horizontal wire.