Metal Roofing

Metal Tiles, Shakes and Shingles – June 2021

Metal tiles, shakes and shingles featured in Metal Construction News’ June 2021 issue.

Classic Metal Roofing Systems, a division of Isaiah Industries Inc.

Classic Metal Roofing’s Country Manor Shakes are produced in aluminum formed with the look of eight individual and deeply-grained simulated shakes of varying height, width and thickness to duplicate the three-dimensional appearance of cedar shakes. The 0.019-inch-thick aluminum shakes panels are 48 inches long by 12 inches wide, and 25 panels cover 100 square feet (46 pounds per square).

Petersen Aluminum Corp.

Petersen’s Precision Series steel and aluminum tiles for roofs and walls come in a variety of styles including Flat, Cupped and Diamond. Cupped tiles catch light at multiple angles and Flat tiles can be used in modern or traditional designs. Diamond tiles can be installed horizontally or at angles to create diamond or clapboard patterns. They come in 46 standard colors as well as anodized finishes.

Vicwest Building Products

Vicwest’s Cedar Creek Shakes are produced in 28-gauge Galvalume. The have hidden fasteners and panels are 50 inches long by 12 inches wide. Cedar Creek Shakes come in six colors: Antique Brown, Burnished Slate, Ebony, Harvest Cedar, Shadow Deep Gray and Silver Springs.