Metalforming Equipment

Metalforming Equipment – March 2020

Metalforming equipment featured in Metal Construction News’ March 2020 issue.

ASC Machine Tools Inc.

ASC’s TKR-X purlin roll forming line comes with a single-arm or double-arm drag brake un-coiler in different sizes that can handle coils from 10,000 pounds to 30,000 pounds. Its un-coiler is hydraulically driven and has a modular, pneumatic disc braking system. Also available are rotating and non-rotating coil cars and turnstiles for fast coil changes. The purlin roll forming line is offered with two modular pre-punch systems: standard speed and high speed.

AXYZ Automation Group

AXYZ’s PANELBuilder is a panel fabrication system. Its CNC router processes multiple materials including metal composite material (MCM), high-pressure laminates and fiber cement board sheets. The system includes the PANELTracker management system, which has an automated label printer that identifies individual panels with codes and text as they are machined.

Berridge Manufacturing Co.

Berridge’s SP-21X portable roll former forms Zee-Lock structural standing seam panels. The panels are installed over solid sheathing or open framing to 5-foot spacing. Zee-Lock panels are mechanically seamed, single-lock panels with 90-degree seams. Double-lock capability with 180-degree seams is optional. For a batten appearance, a snap-on batten option is offered. Zee-Lock panels can be curved with Berridge’s ZC-21 Curver.

New Tech Machinery Corp.

New Tech’s WAV portable wall panel machine produces two panel profiles: WAV-16-4F profile with a flange and WAV-16-4C without a flange. The panels are made of 24-gauge and 22-gauge steel, or 0.032-inch- and 0.04-inch-thick aluminum. The machine has a minimum flat sheet feed length of 62 inches. It comes standard with the NTM200 computer batch and length controller, hydraulic shear and hydraulic drive. Multiple add-on options are offered.