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New technology, better designs: Custom door manufacturer reaches more clients with fewer errors

If you think it, we can build it. Sticking with this motto has allowed Schweiss Bi-Fold Doors, Fairfax, Minn., tremendous flexibility in the design and manufacture of both bi-fold and one-piece hydraulic doors.

Custom Designs

While it is easier and more efficient to set up a "cookie-cutter" assembly process, the Schweiss team prefers instead to respond to each customer's unique demands, even if it means creating a door that has not been done before. Schweiss learned early on to juggle computer driven templates, metal-cutting equipment and even welding dynamics as needed to create special doors for special needs.

Each door is custom fit to each project, including a hangar door for Fly-In Homes; a 135-foot- (41-m-) wide door for corporate aviation needs; "window-wall" doors for equestrian centers; a special function bi-fold for the Minneapolis-based Guthrie Theater (shown at top right and center); garage doors for private homes; huge bi-folds for agricultural shops; and hundreds of doors for airport hangars both in the United States and overseas.


Get to the Root

Good doors start with good engineering, and AutoCAD 2007 was the engineering blueprint for doors. But the program demanded that engineers redraw the entire door for each new unit, which was cumbersome and time-consuming.

SolidWorks is the newest in computer programs for drafting and designing Schweiss doors. The program offers time savings for Schweiss engineers, which are passed along to customers. In addition, the newer technology virtually eliminates production errors and keeps delivery within a much tighter time frame. It designs even more structural strength into Schweiss doors-an important feature, considering that airplane hangar doors must withstand winds up to 150 mph in various locations around the world.

SolidWorks technology bridges the gap between engineers and end-users, offering 2-D and 3-D views of new door systems via the convenience of a laptop computer. SolidWorks also automates changes in any special design, again reducing the chances of costly errors later.

With flexible and user-friendly technology, Schweiss has the opportunity to reach more customers while offering better products.

Dick Hagen is a business writer. For more information about Schweiss Bi-Fold Doors, Fairfax, Minn., visit