Safety Equipment – July 2018

Safety equipment featured in Metal Construction News’ July 2018 issue.

Dynamic Fastener

Dynamic Fastener’s Two-Way Standing Seam Clamp is installed on standing seam roof systems. It is made of steel with a zinc electroplate finish. The Two-Way Standing Seam Clamp has a flip design that allows seams to 1 inch wide. It is used on Butler Manufacturing’s MR-24 roof panels, Butler’s VSR roof panels and other similar panels. The clamp is attached to fully seamed panels over a clip that is fastened down, generally to purlins, not closer than 4 feet from edges.


Fall Protection Distributors LLC (FallTech)

FallTech’s 7410M Metal Frame Structure Anchor is a hinged, reusable roof anchor for steel applications. It is used on flat and sloped roofs to a 12:12 pitch. Installation requires a minimum 22-gauge steel decking and 14-gauge Z-purlin. The 7410M Metal Frame Structure Anchor comes with a plated alloy steel D-ring and plates, and 12 #14 by 2 1/2-inch, self-tapping, sheet metal screws. The temporary anchor has a minimum static strength of 5,000 pounds, ANSI user capacity of 310 pounds and OSHA user capacity of 425 pounds.


Miller Fall Protection by Honeywell International Inc.

Miller Fall Protection’s TurboLite Edge Personal Fall Limiters and Falcon Edge Self-Retracting Lifelines are available in a range of working lengths of cable, web and tie-back options. Additionally, a variety of lifeline connectors are offered. The leading edge products have corrosion-resistant internal components and radio-frequency identifications (RFID) for asset and inspection tracking. They are connected at foot-level and above for workers to 420 pounds.


Rite-Hite Corp.

Rite-Hite’s GateKeeper Mezzanine Safety Gate is a reciprocating barrier that creates a controlled access area where workers can safely load and unload from the edge of a mezzanine, pick module or other elevated work platform where pallet loads from the floor level are regularly deposited for pick-up. Its outer and inner gates operate in unison without chains or cables. When the outer gate opens to allow pallets to enter the mezzanine level, the inner gate automatically closes, keeping workers out.