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Sealants, Tapes and Adhesives - August 2018

Sealants, tapes and adhesives featured in Metal Construction News' August 2018 issue.

Garland Green-Lock Sealant XL is a single-component polyether, zero-VOC, 100-percent solids joint sealant. It is used for large interior or exterior joints and cracks where 50 percent joint movement is needed, and can be used for sealing applications throughout building envelopes. Green-Lock Sealant XL provides 140 pounds of shear strength and bonds to a variety of surfaces including asphalt modified bitumen sheets, concrete, metal (including Kynar-coated metal), PVC, brick, EIFS, stone, untreated lumber and EPDM membranes.

ITW Polymers Coatings North America’s Acryl-R SM5430 roof sealant is used in seams of standing seam roof systems and cam-locked joints in insulated metal panels. Service temperature ranges from -100 F to 200 F. It is designed for mess-free applications and does not form sealant webs around walls and rafters. Exposure to UV does not yellow, crack or chalk Acryl-R SM5430 roof sealant. Additionally, it incorporates biocide to resist fungal and mildew growth.

Thermal Design’s Syseal Sticky Tape XL is a wide, double-sided bonding tape that increases contact sealing area along roof rafters and wall columns when installing the Simple Saver System and AutoCeil System. Syseal Sticky Tape XL is 1 1/4 inches wide and has zero VOC.

Triangle Fastener’s Ultra 1000 silicone sealant is in a variety of metal construction applications including around doors, windows and trim. It is also used at the base of metal panels and to seal pipe flashing. Ultra 1000 silicone sealant bonds many substrates without priming and is flexible to accommodate joint movement.