Skylights, Windows and Daylighting

Skylights, Windows and Daylighting – July 2020

Skylights, windows and daylighting featured in Metal Construction News’ July 2020 issue.

Acurlite Structural Skylights Inc.

Acurlite’s aluminum-framed skylights can be produced in a variety of geometries including canopies, polygons and pyramids. The skylights are available in single pitches with vertical or no gable ends, and double pitches with hipped, vertical or no gable ends. They can be produced as curved or segmented barrel vaults with vertical or no gable ends, lean-tos with vertical or no gable ends, or sawtooth configurations with vertical or no gable ends. Custom skylight enclosures and entries are also offered.

Dynamic Fastener

Dynamic Fastener offers OSHA-compliant skylight fall protection screens. The galvanized steel screens are installed over flat skylights and under domed skylights. They have maximum openings of 4 inches by 4 inches. The screens are attached with zinc-coated carbon steel clips and self-drilling fasteners.

Exterior Technologies Inc. (EXTECH)

EXTECH’s SKYGARD 2500 Series is an aluminum-framed glass skylight system. It is available in pyramid, single-slope and ridge configurations. The SKYGARD 2500 skylight system accepts glass to 1 5/16 inches thick including monolithic and insulated glass units. Options include glass coatings and custom silk-screen patterns to diffuse direct top lighting control solar heat gain.

Fakro America LLC

Fakro’s FTT U8 Thermo Pivot Roof Window is suitable for roof pitches 15 to 70 degrees. The roof window has a sash that can be rotated 180 degrees for cleaning and locked while open. It features a quintuple seal system that provides tightness in extreme weather conditions. The seal system also reduces micro vibrations of the cladding profiles during heavy rainfall.

Kingspan Light + Air LLC

Kingspan Light + Air’s UniQuad Windows can be used to build translucent walls. The windows are a dry-glazed system and are for clerestories and punched openings. The windows come in heights to 6 feet and unlimited length. UniQuad walls are available in heights to 40 feet and unlimited length. Multiple colors are offered.

Kolbe Windows and Doors

Kolbe Windows and Doors’ VistaLuxe Collection AL LINE of thermally broken, all-aluminum windows and doors includes tilt-turns and hoppers, casements and awnings, direct sets, swinging doors, pivot doors, folding doors, multi-slide doors, and lift and slide doors. The multi-slide doors appear as large walls of glass amid walls. All four of their 5-foot by 9-foot panels operate from either side to provide a maximum opening of 10 feet.

Major Industries Inc.

Major Industries’ Guardian 275 translucent wall systems consist of aluminum grid core and framing, with fiberglass reinforced polymer face sheets. The come in a variety of configurations, and fixed or operable windows can be integrated. They can be used for canopies, awnings and walkway covers. Color options, curved systems and mixed glazed configurations are also available.

RCS–Roof Curb Systems

RCS–Roof Curb Systems’ 30-inch STRIP Light System has a dome assembled in 10-foot lengths to produce custom lengths. Configurations more than 10 feet long include gutters that do not modify skylight frames. The 30-inch STRIP Light System has an aluminum, under/over seam-in curb and 4-foot-wide flange. It is mounted with a version of TRAC Rail sub-framing.

Solatube International Inc.

Solatube offers integrated LEDs with its daylighting fixtures to supplement sunlight. The LEDs are dimmable and provide 3,250 to 10,000 lumens. Controller options are zero to 10 volts. The LEDs are rated for 50,000 hours.


The VELUX Dynamic Dome skylight has a smooth, clear, outer dome over a prismatic inner dome. It also has a one-piece inner frame for durability. Its thermally broken frame creates a water barrier. The skylights come in 19 standard sizes ranging from 2 feet by 2 feet to 5 feet by 10 feet. Glazing options are LuxGuard polycarbonate, LuxGuard Plus polycarbonate, impact-modified acrylic and basic acrylic.