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The Garland Co. Inc.

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The Garland Co. Inc. announced important upgrades to its already high-performing R‑Mer Edge fascia and coping systems for lowslope roofing. The improved R‑Mer Edge systems have been tested by an independent lab and are certified to conform to ANSI/SPRI ES-1, which formalizes the International Building Code specifications for resistance to wind-related failures.

Some of the performance improvements in the new edging systems enabling ES-1 compliance are:

  • A streamlined cant dam profile for R‑Mer Edge fascia
  • Improved geometry on the inside leg of R‑Mer Edge coping
  • Elimination of exposed fasteners that can back out and create leaks

Contractors can web-access a technical application video for comprehensive installation guidelines. As an added bonus, the new edging is even more aesthetically appealing, and can be post-painted to match or complement any color scheme.