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Bentonville International Airport, Bentonville, Ark.

Completed in February 2010, the airport features two canopies totaling 462 square feet. Both Super Lumideck canopies in Clear Anodized feature an 8-inch style "G" fascia with a 4-inch extender. They also include flat soffit extruded decking, as well as the same 6- by 6-inch post and beam support. One canopy is 23 feet wide with a 13-foot projection and approximately 9 1/2-foot clearance. The other canopy is 17 1/3 feet wide with a 6 5/12-foot projection and approximately 9 1/2-foot clearance.

General contractor: Don Peters Construction, Cave Springs, Ark.

Architect: French and Associates, Bentonville

Metal canopies: Mapes Industries, Lincoln, Neb.,