Office & Mixed-Use

Boston Sword and Tuna Inc., Boston

Photo: Tom Stock

Insulated metal panels (IMPs) contributed to insulation, sanitation and aesthetic project goals for Boston Sword and Tuna Inc.’s headquarters and processing facility. The wholesale seafood supplier required refrigerated, clean space with a main floor at 40 F and coolers at 38 F. The facility houses a flash freezer, live lobster tanks, sanitation systems and conditioned shipping areas.

Ed Montani, sales engineer at Controlled Environment Systems LLC, the installation contractor, says, “When you get into cold storage freezer buildings and cooler buildings, there are all kinds of details and vapor barriers and ways you have to do things to prevent ice from forming inside of a freezer due to vapor leaks or thermal shorts.”

Sweeney Brothers Construction LLC installed three types of Metl-Span’s IMPs: CF Mesa, CF Light Mesa and CF partition walls. The panels are 4- and 6-inch thick and in three colors Polar White, Regal Gray and Igloo White. The IMPs’ smooth surfaces are easy to clean, important to sanitation requirements, and provided a muted white and gray backdrop for elements of red and blue architectural elements to stand out.

Rob De Luca, president at RJD Associates Inc., says, “We can put panels on in different colors, different orientations, and yet use the same basic type of panel for the partition panel on the inside.”