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Delphine at the W Hollywood Hotel, Hollywood, Calif. Las Vegas Hard Rock Café, Las Vegas Sheraton Mirage Resort and Spa Gold Coast, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Delphine, a Mediterranean brasserie within the W Hollywood Hotel installed five 8-foot (0.7 m2) Isis fans from Big Ass Fans to help create an openair feeling reminiscent the Mediterranean itself. According to Rachel Starunko of the NYC-based design group Zeff Designs, the fans were chosen for the aesthetic and visual impact they provide to the space along with the accompanying air movement.The sleek and stylish design of Isis works in conjunction with Delphine’s HVAC system to provide a silent, energy-efficient method of cooling.

Expertly engineered from extruded aluminum, 6- to 24-foot (1.8 to 7.3-m) diameter Big Ass Fans are designed to work in tandem with HVAC systems or on their own. The fans’ effectiveness lies within its immense size, not speed. Though large and powerful, they are also incredibly energy efficient, relying on very small motors, particularly relative to the volume of air movement generated. The patented airfoil and winglet design rotates very slowly, creating gentle, non-disruptive, and non-turbulent airflow, reducing dependence on HVAC systems.

When air conditioning is a necessity, HVAC systems use costly ductwork to distribute air, often resulting in uneven cooling throughout a space. With Delphine’s working with the HVAC system to distribute airflow, Big Ass Fans minimize the amount of ductwork required while enhancing the comfort of occupants. In turn, the steady air movement allows the proprietor to increase the thermostat set-point, which ultimately leads to a load reduction on the air supply system.

Outdoor venues benefit as well. The Vegas Hard Rock Hotel & Casino architect Howard Fields specified Big Ass Fans into the outdoor pool and bar area, anticipating typical hot Vegas weather. Fields specified Big Ass Fans for both the industrial look and the fact that it met the size and noise qualifications they were looking for. Considering this outdoor pool setting serves as a gaming area, as well, they had to factor in the electrical issues regarding the security cameras, which, according to Fields, proved to be a seamless installation.

Along the same lines, the Sheraton Mirage on Australia’s Gold Coast installed a 12-foot (3.7- m) diameter Element in the outdoor, covered entrance way greeting guests as they arrive. According to engineering supervisor Steve Pennington, the fan offers the air movement that the hot, humid tropics lack. Introducing air circulation has resulted in a more comfortable environment for both guests and the porters who occupy the space. Indoors or out, Big Ass Fans proves to be a viable solution to comfort issues in a cost-effective manner.

Fans: Big Ass Fans, Lexington, Ky.,