Delta Hotels South Sioux City Riverfront, South Sioux City, Neb.

Photo: John Gawley

In its design to draw attention to the porte cochere and entrance at Delta Hotels South Sioux City Riverfront, Cannon Moss Brygger Architects specified two types of metal cladding.

To wrap the fascia soffit of the porte cochere, Glosser System Installers LLC installed 3,000 square feet of Arconic Architectural Products LLC’s Reynobond metal composite material (MCM) in Colorweld 300 Winter White. To attach the MCM, Glosser System Installers used the Sieccoline concealed fastening system, supplied by SGH Concepts, a division of SGH Redglaze Holdings Inc.

On the walls and columns supporting the porte cochere, Glosser System Installers installed 2,700 square feet of Dri-Design’s 0.08-inch aluminum concealed fastener metal wall panels in two, 70 percent Mica PVDF coatings: primarily Pewter panels with accent panels in Midnight.

Behind the wall panels, Glosser System Installers installed 2,600 square feet of Genwall insulated composite backup panels. The Genwall panels allowed the building envelope to be quickly sealed after the existing EIFS panels were removed. SGH Concepts manufactured and distributed the Genwall panels. The 9,100-square-foot project was completed in June 2017.