First Baptist Church of Platte City, Platte City, Mo.

Photo: Andrew Woodward

Four connected metal building systems were used to build First Baptist Church of Platte City in Platte City, Mo. Matt Lock, president at Lock Steel Building Co. Inc., the metal building contractor, says, “This project had multiple connected structures, all designed and supplied by Varco Pruden Buildings. The challenge of accurately detailing and ultimately erecting the many elevation changes with nonstandard angles was massive, all while keeping the clean lines visually appealing.”

Two Brothers Construction Services LLC erected the buildings, which house 26,200 square feet. The eave height at the skewed front entrance is 29 feet and 23 feet, 8 inches. The sanctuary’s eave is 16 feet, 8 inches high and the eave at a classroom is 13 feet, 2 inches.

“The building was installed on top of a full structural metal deck/basement, so access was a continuous challenge,” Lock says.

On the roofs, Two Brothers Construction installed Varo Pruden’s SLR II standing seam roof system and insulated the roofs with Bay Insulation Systems Inc.’s Skyliner insulation system rated R-38.

For walls, Two Brothers Construction installed Varco Pruden’s Vee Rib metal wall panels and Lamtec Corp.’s 6-inch-thick WMP-10 insulation.

“The church did not want to incorporate cladding typically used on these structures such as stone, brick or stucco, so the erector’s craftsmanship of the metal building materials is on full display,” Lock says.

Inside the church, Lock says, “The main lobby incorporated skew sidewalls per the church’s request to illustrate the open arms of Christ. The main lobby also included an open clerestory cupola above.”