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First Pentecostal and Apostolic Church, Cincinnati

When church members knew they needed to replace the shingles on the church's roof, they wanted a new look for the church, which was built in 1963. The pastor drove around Cincinnati looking for the right roofing material and color that would last for the next 45 years and beyond.

Completed in spring 2008, the project utilized 12,000 square feet (1,115 m2) of24-gauge, 18-inch (457-mm) Vertical Sea striated metal roof panels in Copper Penny Metallic with a Kynar 500 finish from Metal Sales Manufacturing Corp., which was chosen for its clean lines and architectural appeal.

Because the main roof of the church is sloped at 80 degrees, a couple of 60- and 80- foot (18- and 24-m) boom lifts were required to get the 42-foot (13-m) Vertical Seam panels in place. "The installation was done primarily by volunteer church members and it went really smooth. We are very happy with the panels and color that we chose," said Brandon Eyer, the installation coordinator and church member.

Eyer also said that the church plans to continue to renovate the outside by adding new windows and new flush metal wall panels to the west wall.

Distributor: Corken Steel Products, Cincinnati

Metal roof panels: Metal Sales Manufacturing Corp., Louisville, Ky.,