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Judson Candy Lofts, San Antonio

According to the architect, an existing 1900s candy factory that had been abandoned for more than 20 years was turned into an80,000-square-foot (7,432-m2), 88-unit condominium project. The site consists of three distinct buildings-a late 1900s brick and wooden structure, a four-story concrete frame candy factory and a metal warehouse building-that were left intact with appendages removed and re-imagined into a cohesive project with live/work spaces, a gymnasium,open spaces and pool area.


Metal roof and wall panels from MBCI were used to make the condo project architecturally appealing. MBCI supplied 14,742 square feet (1,370 m2) of its Galvalume Plus Ultra-Dek standing-seam roof system and 26,000 square feet (2,415 m2) of its PBC wall panels. The 24- and 26-gauge material was used in a mixture of Galvalume Plus and MBCI Signature 300Metallic PVDF paint system in Dove Metallic. Additionally, another 4,680 square feet (435 m2) of MBCI's 24-gauge PBD panels in MBCI Signature 300 Metallic PVDF in Silver Metallic were used on the walls.


General contractor: Judson Lofts, San Antonio

Architect: JMS Architects, San Antonio

Metal Installer: Danco Construction, San Antonio

Metal roof and wall panels: MBCI, Houston