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LaQuinta Inn, Norfolk, Va.

This project features a variety of products from ATAS International Inc., including 19,000 square feet (1,765 m2) of 24-gauge Techo Tile in Embossed Mission Red; 1,560 square feet (145 m2) of 0.032-aluminum Wind-Lok Soffit (vented) MPV120 in Rawhide; 880 feet (268 m) of 0.032-aluminum 6-inch (152-mm) K Gutters in Rawhide; and 1,420 feet (132 m) of 0.032-aluminum 3- by 4-inch (76- by 102-mm) by 10-foot (3-m) Corrugated Downspouts in Rawhide.

Architect: Newport Design Group, Alpharetta, Ga.

Installer: Waymar Inc., Virginia Beach, Va.

Distributor: Allied Building Products, Chesapeake, Va.

Metal roof, gutters, soffits and downspouts: ATAS International Inc., Allentown, Pa.