Office & Mixed-Use

Leepfrog Technologies, Coralville, Iowa

Photo: Timothy Hursley

For Leepfrog Technologies’ headquarters, ASK Studio specified a variety of building materials to articulate the technological functions of occupants and tie to three primary spaces. The 40,000-square-foot building has areas for software development, business functions and common areas between the two.

Steel tiles look like foil and signify changes in the exterior rhythm and interior spaces. Wood panels add a natural element to the design and connect it to the site, which is lined by trees at the north and east borders.

On the software development portion, ASI Custom Sheet Metal Inc. installed 3,100 square feet of Millennium Forms LLC’s 9-inch by 15-inch, flat, stainless steel tiles in Charcoal Scotchbrite. The project was completed in January 2017.