Lepore Residence, New York City

The Lepore residence in New York City features 188 square feet of Lancaster, Pa.-based Wire By Design’s Design 14f mesh system made of T304 stainless steel with a rolling curtain attachment. The owner wanted to visually divide the room but still allow light from the window to pass through a moveable screen. The contemporary feel of stainless steel mesh was perfectly in line with the New York City loft environment, while still allowing for minimal maintenance. Stainless mesh requires only periodic dusting for a brand new appearance. The mesh was chosen because it allowed for a comfortable amount of light to filter through and also afforded the option to pin the curtain back against the wall for a more open feel. Doug Fessendon of Ivy Interiors, Jackson Heights, N.Y., installed the mesh system.

Installer: Ivy Interiors, Jackson Heights, New York

Metal mesh: Wire By Design, Lancaster, Pa.,