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Lewes Church of Christ, Lewes, Del.

Completed in 2007, this 10,000-square-foot (929-m2) church accommodates 600 worshippers, with a projected expansion that will accommodate nearly 1,000. The design for the 10-acre (4-hectare) campus drew inspiration from the way spiritual foundation and teachings of the church were to be discovered and celebrated by congregants, and visitors alike. The site design needed to recognize that the religious experience does not begin at the entry doors to the church, but rather the moment a member of the congregation steps foot on the site.

Access to the church building was designed to be a significant feature of the campus,with movement from parked vehicles to the church through a landscaped serpentine walkway, leading the churchgoer around a symbolic reflection pond and toward a cross towering above the peak of the roof. This 'Walwith Christ' was designed to symbolize that walk an individual moves through during life's physical and spiritual journeys. There is also anon-site amphitheater located on the opposite end of the walk from the church building.


The project utilized Fabral's V-Beam exposed-fastener panels for the roof and walls. The horizontal metal siding and metal roofing allowed the roof and walls to be unified by similar colors, while featuring bold, horizontal shadow lines to help ground the building, in contrast with the white, sculptural forms that became symbolic of God and heaven. The project also featured a metal structural frame that was custom-designed and fabricated.

Metal was specified for the roofing and siding, not only for the symbolic potential, but for its ability to strengthen the design as an interpretation of the church's mission. Both specified in white, they evoke purity, spirituality and relationship to heaven. In contrast, the horizontally installed masonry walls help ground the building, relating to life on earth.

Builder: Willow Construction LLC, Georgetown, Del.

Architect: Davis, Bowen & Friedel Inc., Salisbury, Md.

Wall and roof panel subcontractor: Tri-State Roofing Inc., Conover, N.C.

Metal wall panels: Fabral, Lancaster, Pa.,