Sports & Recreation

Lifeguard Arena, Henderson, Nev.

Image Building Systems built rafters and roof sections on the ground in pods before hoisting and setting them by a crane. The 77,970-square-foot arena was built with a metal building system, standing seam roof system and long tab banded insulation system.

As a consequence of its location abutting two streets and a city hall, construction site access was limited to one side at Lifeguard Arena, the American Hockey League’s Henderson Silver Knights’ practice facility. Furthermore, the project’s schedule was compressed.

Ryan Klosterman, owner and president at Image Building Systems LLC, the erector, says, “We broke the building down into four quadrants so that we could chase the concrete and maintain the access we needed as well as let other subtrades work right in behind us. We also decided to pod-build approximately 140-foot roof sections. This allowed us to assemble the steel on the ground while we were waiting on concrete to finish on the first and second levels.”

Klosterman says because of the limited site access, they installed a track system to crane panels to the roof. “We used our track system to move the panels 250 feet to 300 feet without having to use our manpower to walk them out.”