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Office building at 2579 East 17th St., Brooklyn, N.Y.

Photo: Julia Rata, Samuel Derenboim
Photo: Julia Rata, Samuel Derenboim

Designers of the office building at 2579 East 17th St. faced several challenges. It is located on an interior lot site in a densely populated urban area and bound by two windowless side lot-line walls. Additionally, the 13,976-square-foot blended-use building, which has several medical offices in between business offices, is located in a somewhat corrosive environment; it’s about a mile and a half from the Atlantic Ocean.

Corporate Design of America PC, the architecture firm for the project, sought to maximize window wall fenestration, and make the front and rear façades look solid and stable. To provide a pleasant microclimate inside, Corporate Design of America designed the building with light-colored metal panels that provide a high albedo, with the benefit of masonry walls storing and releasing heat.

On the front of the building, metal wall panels provided the desired durability, aesthetics and ease of construction. The metal wall assemblies with insulation provide thermal resistance and an R-value of R-25.

Big Poll and Son Construction LLC installed 2,000 square feet of Laminators Inc.’s Omega-Lite clip-and-caulk metal wall panels in PVDF/Kynar 500 Ascot White and Slate Grey with a smooth finish. The 6-mm-thick anodized aluminum panels have a corrugated polypropylene core and 0.032-inch-thick face sheet.

Painted, split-face concrete masonry unit sidewalls are a monolithic layer that is load-bearing, which decreased the amount of structural steel needed and increased interior space, satisfying another project goal to maximize usable floor space. The project was completed for $2.8 million in March 2017.