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Omaha Federal Building, Omaha, Neb.

Omaha Federal Building in Omaha, Neb., houses a daycare among its offices and uses one of its internal courtyards as an outdoor play area for employee’s children. The presence of a steel beam canopy that partially covered the space was a concern as the stagnant and hot air of an Oklahoma summer would make the area under the canopy unusable during the summer.

Architect Brian Garvey sought a way to circulate the air in the space to provide the necessary comfort for the occupants. Considering the nature of the space, silence was imperative to counter the soundtrack offered when little kids are at play. A 10-foot Isis fan from Lexington, Ky.-based Big Ass Fans Co. offered the ideal solution as Isis forgoes the gearbox used in large industrial fan models and employs a proprietary direct drive motor, resulting in silent operation.

“The kids thought it was awesome because it resembles an airplane,” says Garvey. “It fits in well with what we designed for the canopy and those fans are just tough as nails,” in case any balls or toys greet the fan’s airfoils while in motion.

Big Ass Fans Co.,