Health Care

Parkview Pueblo West, Pueblo, Colo.

Installers at Drury Brothers Roofing Inc. duplicate a pattern two times on a canopy, then flip it for the other side two times. To maintain a 3/4-inch gap, installers use a 3/4-inch-thick board for a spacer.

John David Cooksey (JDC) Architecture and Design designed the exterior of Parkview Pueblo West orthopedic hospital with metal panels in an assortment of colors.

Drury Brothers Roofing Inc. installed Laminators Inc.’s Omega-Lite metal composite material (MCM) panels in four PVDF Kynar 500 finishes: Medium Bronze, Champagne (metallic), Boysenberry and Ascot White.

Drury Brothers installed panels with Laminators’ Dry Seal installation system. To add depth, Drury Brothers fabricated panels into a variety of shapes.

The 58,000-square-foot hospital houses a laboratory, pre-operation and recovery space, six operating suites, patient rooms, rehabilitation space, café and pharmacy.