Office & Mixed-Use

R.F. MacDonald Co., Fresno, Calif.

Photo: Betty Wang-Garcia

To transform a large, concrete box-like building into an office and warehouse with contemporary, industrial aesthetics, TETER LLP designed a façade with a metal-faced shape inspired by boiler and pump products distributed by R.F. MacDonald, the owner.

To construct the front of the building, Four C’s Construction attached corrugated metal siding to a radial and slanted, over-framed section. The interior of the warehouse has exposed, open webbed trusses that highlight the design’s industrial appearance.

Inside, Four C’s Construction installed metal siding geometrically on an access stair rail wall up to a shipping and receiving office on second floor. The metal siding at the stair wall integrates with horizontal metal siding at the face of the office. There is also a horizontally glazed observation deck with views of warehouse activities.

The project utilized 4,700 total square feet of two types of panels on the walls: AEP Span’s HR-36 corrugated metal panels in Zincalume and AEP Span’s Nu-Wave Corrugated metal panels in Zincalume. Four C’s Construction installed 3,900 square feet of panels on the exterior and 800 square feet of panels in the interior.

To maximize the footprint, portions of the two-story office building were demolished and the layout was reconfigured. The existing building included a two-story office and large warehouse. Along with the reconfigured layout, additions include the shipping and receiving office with a parts department below, a large break room, seminar training classroom and locker room. The project was completed in April 2017.