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Sky Zone Trampoline Park, Newark, Del.

Sky Zone Trampoline Park, Newark, Del.Metal guardrail and metal mesh infill panels function as safety and branding elements at Sky Zone Trampoline Park, which opened in December 2014. Dempsey’s Specialized Services LLC fabricated the guardrail with three horizontal runs of welded 1.5-inch schedule 40 pipe and schedule 80 pipe, which were connected with Hollaender Manufacturing Co.’s slipon fittings. The assembly includes aluminum pipe with mill finish color. Additionally, Dempsey’s Specialized Services supplied steel structural work for the stairs and mezzanine.

The guardrail lines a 650-foot walkway and stairway system that leads around more than 125 interconnected trampolines and the mezzanine viewing area. McNichols Co. supplied 3/4-inch opening wire mesh with 1/8-inch plain raw steel wire and 2,000 feet of 11-gauge U-Edging for the project. The guardrail has approximately 135 infill panels with openings small enough to prevent climbing. Dempsey’s Specialized Services powder-coated the metal mesh at its shop in bright orange to match the corporate brand. The metal mesh was delivered with 4-by-10- foot lengths in 40 sheets.

Curt Dempsey, owner of Dempsey’s Specialized Services, says the stairs have various levels and turns. His company developed a way to ensure consistency of the panel sizes and placements working with architectural drawings, without computer- aided design access. “We installed the pipe handrail first, and then we cut the panels to size, based on the location,” he says. “Most of the infill panels, which are framed in U-edging, measure 29 by 42 inches, with some cut and installed on a diagonal to match the slant of the stairs. The goal was to make them uniformed.”

The trampolines and sloped safety walls are above the floor level; the infill panels create a level of protection to prevent falls. The 24,000-square-foot Sky Zone Trampoline Park is used for jumping, dodge ball, basketball high jumps and other fitness activities.

General contractor: Nowland Associates Inc., Newark, Del.
Architect: Matthew V. Piotrowski Architect, Warminster, Pa.
Fabricator: Dempsey’s Specialized Services LLC, Newark, N.J.,
Fittings: Hollaender Manufacturing Co., Cincinnati,
Metal mesh: McNichols Co., Tampa, Fla.,