Transportation & Aviation

South Boston Waterfront Transportation Center, Boston

Fennick McCredie Architecture Ltd. designed the South Boston Waterfront Transportation Center parking garage with a precast concrete structure and metal louvers on the exterior that appear to float. The illusion was created, in part, by painting the louvers Yellow and their attachment brackets in a Gray color that matches the concrete.

Sunrise Erectors Inc. installed 650 of Metalwërks’ louver fin assemblies coated in 12 custom colors. The louvers were produced with solid, 3/16-inch-thick aluminum plate. There are five varying profiles of the vertically oriented louvers, which extend 4 feet off the face of the concrete structure. The louvers are supported by extruded aluminum brackets and stainless steel rods.

South Boston Waterfront Transportation Center covers 650,000 square feet and contains approximately 1,500 parking spaces on nine levels. The facility, in the Seaport District, partially spans an existing Interstate 90 tunnel structure. SP Plus Corp. operates the parking garage, which is owned by the Massachusetts Port Authority.